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Do Not Judge People that Wear Make-Ups


It has been a very long while since the last time I ever wrote anything here. It seems like my passion for writing has faded away and all I want to do now is read. Which is what I am supposed to do right now. Duh.

But some people have forced me (indirectly) to write this particular post that I would never expect myself to write back in the past. So, yeah, here I am, trying my best to keep my temper off the page and be rational.

Since I was a little girl, my parents think it is super necessary for me to look presentable. To go out, I must at least match my scarf with my shirt. I couldn't just go out and pick random (unaccepted) random colors to wear. Even when I started wearing scarves, my mother made me wear those in the most stylish ways a girl can wear. My moms bought me pretty pins and nice colored long dresses with matching scarves so that I still gonna look cute in her eyes. I still remember when my friends started to wear baju kurung (the top) with pants and I tried to do the same. All I can remember was how furious my mother was to look at me wearing such things.

My parents always want me to look presentable. We might do not have much money back then, but my parents will never use that as an excuse to not let me wear pretty things. My mother, especially. She tried her best to match whatever I have so that I will never ever look out of style.

And yes, even up until now, my parents still have a big influence on my fashion taste. I am still not allowed to go out wearing a T-shirt with jeans. At least, I have to put on an acceptable blouse to go out. They are really good in that, you know?

If my parents are good in fashion, my sister is just GREAT in it. She knows exactly what to wear and how to put it together. Even when she was younger, my sister has always been the most stylish one in the whole family. Everyone knows my sister for her great likings in heels, glittery clothes and pretty accessories.

Back then,
I was a decent looking girl.
While my sister was a stylista!

When we moved to Seremban, in 2011 if I am not mistaken, I have stopped from wearing any facial products. I stopped my facial cream and compact powder routine because I want to go all REAL and NOT FAKE. But on the other hand, my sister started to practice on her make-up skills at the same time. I watched her watching all those videos by make-up artists.

Slowly, she developed her make-up skills by tryng them out. Most people think it was so young of her to be using make-ups since she was only 14. But my father thought otherwise. He said,

"People are not all the same. This is her thing, let's her do it."

That is my father. Supportive as ever. He didn't stop me from reading anything, so I have to let my sister lead her way into more make-ups everyday.

Now, I am so proud to look how my sister is so skillful when it comes to a face. She knows exactly what to do with everyone's looks. Not everyone can do that. People says that make-ups are so harmful to our face and my sister will only reply with,

"That's because you do not know anything about make-ups."

If you are wondering how my sister looks like now, well, pretty as ever. No matter how much make-up she put on, her skin is still flawless. It is all about choosing the right thing to wear.

As an older sister, I thought I will never be the same as my sister. She can do all her make-ups stuff and I will just be ME; plain and make-up-less. But, things do change.

Whenever we go back to our hometown, not many people can help themselves from not saying out loud how beautiful my sister is. They will always compliment her and look at her and you know, impressed on how good she looks at her age. And that is when I started to feel INVISIBLE. 

I realized not many people are looking at me anymore because my sister shines so much brighter than me. No matter how much people says that HEART MATTER THE MOST, they still gonna look at the prettiest girl in the room, aren't they?


After several ocassions of being unseen, I started to go back to my simple make-up routine; powder, cream, sunscreen and lip gloss sometimes.

I might not be as pretty as my sister, but after that, yes, people do notice me all again. And that is why, I am improving on my make-up skills these days. So that, people STOP from putting me out of their views.

Recently, Malaysian Ringgit has fallen in terms of the value. There are also political issues going on in my country that hurt most of the people more than I thought it would be. It seems improper for me to write this piece now, but, you see, some people need to be given some explanation. Or at least, I need to give an explanation to myself so that my brain stop from being messed up while I am reading.

So, I have been reading some annoying tweets these days saying that girls are wearing make-ups just to impress the boys/males/men. And to be honest, I got all flared up after reading such tweets, To make it worst, there are even some girls who retweeted the tweets. Ugh. Come on, girl. Is that why you are living in this world? To impress the other gender?! 

I couldn't even explain my frustation.

And then, they are even some other people that make fun of girls who wearing make-ups not to impress the males. They said we (since I do not wear make-up to freaking impress the other gender) are wearing make-ups to impress animals. That is such a disgrace.

This morning, while preparing herself to school, my sister made me watch a video.

There you go. One of the reasons why people wear make-ups.

Not everyone has a perfect skin. Not everyone is naturally physically beautiful. And don't tell me that kind people are beautiful. WE KNOW THAT ALREADY.

The question is, will you look at an ugly person (by your denifition) with no disgust at all?

If you want to choose a partner, (to men especially), will you not look at her face at all? 

That is the problem of our society nowadays. They want girls to look beautiful and when they did, they say girls are putting too much make-ups. But when a girl looks like the one in the video, people criticized her for being ugly.

To be truth, I am so tired of people insulting each other.

It is easy for pious girls that come from religious schools to tell other girls that make-up are not necessary and even up to a stake where it is forbidden. It was undoubtedly easy for them since they are well-educated with the knowledge that God does not judge us based on how we look but on how our heart is. These pious girls can give all the fatwas from all around the world saying that make-up is forbidden, but really, how do you tell that to other girls that are not so pious as you?

Telling them that make-up is forbidden will not make them feel more comfortable with their skin. That also will not make them feel more confident with their looks.

Don't tell them make-up is haraam, just tell them that they look so beautiful even without make-up.

We all have our struggles and the other girl struggles will never be the same like the other girls'.

For me, I put on make-up so that people start to see me too. I don't want to be all plain and invisible. I just don't want to be left out when I stand beside my sister.

And no. To men that thinks most women put on make-ups to impress you guys, I can tell you that you are wrong most of the times. Well, I can't say that none of us put on make-ups not to impress the other gender because that is not entirely true. There are, I ADMIT, girls who wear make-ups so that they are noticed by their male friends or crushes or whatever there is to be impressed.

But as for me, I go all make-up free around people that love me dearly. I know they don't care how I look like. When I go out with my favorite guy friend, I go all make-up free because I know he is already impressed with me for who I am. He sees me so, I don't need to impress him more with make-ups.

So does my sister. She agrees that every woman should go all make-up free around their husbands because your husband should be accepting you for who you are. And, it is not like you can wear make-up all the time around him, don't you think? (But then, it doesn't mean you can look all dirty in front of them either)

You see, most of us, wear make-up just to fit in. Or, to stop people from feeling disgusted looking at our faces.



I am so tired listening to men insulting girls with make-ups. Girls can have so many reasons to wear make-ups and please do not think that MEN are the ONLY REASON we put on make-ups. It is considered as insulting. As if, we, women have no other think to of but impressing you guys.

We care so much more to impress ourselves. To look good and to be accepted, not only by men, BUT BY HUMAN BEINGS IN GENERAL.

If you think make-up are fake and stuffs, okay. That's fine. But saying in a very harsh way to other people who wear make-ups? No. That's not okay.

This post is not to ask you to wear more make-ups. It is not written to tell you that you should care more about your physical look more than your internal look. After all, we all agree that beauties are the ones with a great heart.

This post is just asking you to stop judging and insulting people that wear make-ups.

It is fine for you not to like make-ups.
But insulting people who wear make-ups will never be okay, okay?

Till then.

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