Review: Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire


Once my sister see how many stars I gave this book, she is going to judge me. Basically, this is my sister's kind of book, not mine. She can't blame me for that. 

So, I finished this book in four days, which is quite long for a 400 page book, but, for me, that's a good reading pace. Recently, I have read books in slower pace, mostly a week or two before I finished a book. The reason why I picked up Walking Disaster is basically because I know I need a break from an intense book. I just finished My Sister's Keeper and I have been planning to read Legend by Marie Lu, but I know I can't jump into Legend straight away after My Sister's Keeper so, my sister suggested me to read Walking Disaster.

It is not that bad, really. Normal, I would say. By the end of it, I started to feel a little bit boring since I can already see what is coming. 

And also, I am not a big fan of love stories or heart warming kind of stories, not even chick-lit. I can read them, of course, but if you ask me for my favorites, none of them are. No Jodi Picoult, or Sophie Kinsella. My favorites are always Marie Lu, J.K. Rowling and Phillipa Gregory.

Let's get back to the book, The Walking Disaster, written by Jamie McGuire (it's a she, people! please alert!).
I don't really like the way the love relationship works here. It seems unreal and too much obsessions. To me, love is all about being good to each other and not obsessing about each other. The thought of Travis Maddox being so obsessed over Abby makes me sick. But, I am so glad that by the end of the book, their love comes out to be something more real and reasonable. 

Because, to me, love is not just about snuggling or sleeping together. It is so much more than that. You have a future ahead of you and you can't always gamble like Abby and Travis in this book. Life is not as easy as that. Falling in love is not as easy as that. 

I would appreciate it if they have more dramatic and intense problems. Their hardships are just too brief and not impactful enough and I guess, that's what makes the book a light read. It is good in a way and not, in the other way.

I was dissapointed a bit by the blurry details in the book. To be exact, I am not sure how the characters look like since from Travis point of view, he never mentioned it. I have to ask my sister to know how the characters look like. Only then I found out that Travis is a massive guy and Abby loves ponytail. I don't know if Jamie writes it that way so that we can understand a male's way of thinking for real or she just want to make it that way.

Abby is a good character and well-developed, I would say. She knows what to do and how to make a guy go crazy about her. It is just something that I hope a girl would do. Instead of going crazy over a boy, you should make it the other way round. Do not wait until you are ditched, walk away first so the boy knows what he is losing. If he thinks you worth the fight, he will come back and if he does not come back, he is not worth it. Strong, I love it. 

Travis somehow seems typical to me. It is just another boy that falls in love for a girl and willing to give his life to the girl. Everyone loves a guy like this. Travis Maddox knows how to fight, has a very good physical appearance, owns a cool family and loves a girl with his life. I would love him more if more realistic elements are placed into his character. 

On the other side, I love Travis's family just too much. They are all kick-ass kind of characters, but nice all at the same time. Who doesn't like a guy who knows to punch and take care of his baby brother, right? All respect goes to Trenton, Tyler, Taylor and Thomas. Good big bros you would like to have. And yes, their father also is one of the best fictional fathers ever. Bad daddy who lost his wife, but, love his sons all the same. Lovely! 

The way he treats Abby makes me feel so good. "No one talks about your sister like that." Who doesn't want to be treated that way, really? He is such a cool fictional father. Very supportive and a kind of parent that you won't be afraid to talk to. It kinda reminds me of Park's father from Eleanor and Park. 

I am not suggesting this to anyone because really, the reason I pick up this book is just for a getaway from another disastrous book. I gave it only 2 over 5 stars which is, of course, not good enough to be picked up at the first place. But, if anyone out there needs a getaway kind of book, I am definitely suggesting this. 

Happy Reading..! Have a nice day! 

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