Review: I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

So, I finished this book entitled ‘I’ll Give You the Sun’ by Jandy Nelson. At first, I thought Jandy Nelson is a ‘he’. I truly did, maybe because of the Nelson, until one day, I googled up ‘her’ name to search for her list of books. Apparently, Jandy Nelson is a ‘she’ and had written only two books so far. The other one entitled, ‘The Sky is everywhere’. I bet she has something with the nature. She talked about the sun and sky so far. Can’t wait for what will come up next.

The book is beautiful!!! I really mean it. I read this book only in 2 days, which is good, considering it has 371 pages. It was supposed to take 3 full days before I finished it, but yeah, the book is so good I barely put it down. The book is so good that I hugged it while taking my nap. It feels like hugging the characters themselves. My version is the US hardcover one, which happened to be very rough and hard and so not-easy-to-hug but I just didn’t care. I was so much in love, I feel good by just hugging the book itself.

You have it all in just one book. Name it, you have it. It has mysteries, art, natures, childhood memories, family, love (forbidden ones included), school, friendship and even ghosts. It has it all. It gives you a mixture of feelings; you will never know how to describe it. Before I reached the 50th page, my tears started to roll down my cheeks because again, the book is soooo goooood. Jandy Nelson is such a freaking good author.

About the book:

It has two points of views. One is Noah’s, the other is Jude’s. They are twins. Noah is the younger one (a couple of hours younger), Jude is the older one. It started with Noah's point of view when they were both 13 until 14 years old and then, Jude’s point of view come subsequently, telling us what is happening when they are both 16, which is considered as the present.

It is so cool and I love the way Jandy Nelson put it together, but still able to keep everything on the track and not confusing at all. You can see what happened in the past by Noah’s eyes and the present by Jude’s eyes. Cool!

Noah and Jude were used to be best buddies when they were younger. They used to play all kinds of freaking good games that use highly their imagination. And they have this one game where they divided the natures between the two of them. The sun, moon, sky, grass, trees, ocean and all! I never thought of that, you know. You don’t play a game like that, but of course, Noah and Jude did. 

Noah used to describe him and Jude as a half of each other. If the other is not there, the other one will not be either. That’s how Noah sees it. They used to tell secrets to each other, not keeping away anything from each other until they grow older. That’s when everything started to change between them. Noah and Jude started to keep secrets from each other.

In this book, Jude holds half of the secrets and Noah holds the other half, which, actually meant to solve their unsolved problem. The secrets are actually very closely related to each other, but since they are not talking heart by heart with each other anymore, no one knows the truth.

The most heartbreaking part is when you found out about their dead mother, Dianna. She is like a parachute (the way she is being described in the book) to her kids, but then, suddenly, she died. And both Noah and Jude thought that they were responsible for the death of their mother.

Things happened that day and it all seems to lead to the death of their mother. It is a mess! But the truth is, no one knows anything but their own version of the day.

The characters:


So cool! At first, with all the bully scenes, I thought him as a very small kid like the one in the Wimpy Kid. Haha! But then, a few months after that, he started to change into a ‘King Kong’ (he used this to describe his size).

I truly love him for whatever he is. An excellent artist, a highly imaginative kid and a gay. Let’s us not talk about being a gay, ok? It’s kind of a sensitive issue to me and this is my first time reading from the point of view of a gay. I don’t know how to respond to this yet.

In the book, Noah is one excellent artist I wondered how the paintings look like. In the book, Jandy Nelson put up brackets where she will write what Noah is imagining in his artistic brain. It is so cool and very humorous as well, I love it! He is certainly the most creative character I ever met so far.
The fact that Noah is falling apart from his old self after the death of their mother is so upsetting. I mean, come on, he has all the potentials in the world to be one great artist, but then, when the spirits all flew away from his body, he is not that cool artist anymore. It is hurtful.


Super ridiculous! Not that I mean she is stupid or something, but she is so funny and colorful on the outside. Very wild, but highly put her faith in superstitious things; this is very funny and unbelievable. While Noah knows how to draw, Jude knows how to draw with sand. Cool, huh?
She can even talk to ghosts!

I really thought that her grandmother is just being funny by telling her that she has some kind of a ‘gift’ but it turns out that she really does have the ‘gift’. She talks to ghosts who are her grandmother and her mother, but mostly, her grandmother.

When Noah just lost his artistic feelings after the tragedy, Jude started to believe that what she did is the reason why her mother died. She started to be the invisible girl and totally an introvert. She wore all these baggy sweatshirts and begins to carry onions in her pockets just to make sure no boy will want to be anywhere close to her so that no bad lucks will come chasing her and Noah and their father.


What a lovely English bloke! Haha! Seriously, at the beginning of the book, Noah told us about a parrot that belongs to their neighbor’s house that keeps on asking the same question: “Where the hell is Ralph?” for 24/7.

It turns out to be that Oscar’s name is Oscar Ralph and surprise!!!! Oscar is Ralph!

Oscar is a broken young man that lost his mother too. He used to be a model for Noah’s drawing once. Noah drew Oscar when he was 13, and that is when Jude first saw Oscar, as her brother’s drawing. Jude gave up everything in the world and let herself to have the flowers only just for the drawing of Oscar, who actually she did not yet meet. Three years later, Oscar found Jude in a church and Jude is so sure she knows Oscar, but she can’t make it when and where.

Oscar is so charming and a real player. Before he meets Jude, he hangs out with other girls and blows them away anytime he likes.


I learnt that everything in life got messed up when you started to lie to yourself and other people. Not being true to yourself will lead you to a messed up life. Noah and Jude supposed to be one soul, supposed to understand each other, but just because of some issues, they started to fall away from each other and suffered in their own.

If Noah tells everything to Jude and so does Jude, everything will settle down and the two years after the death of their mother won’t be such a waste.

So, you know what, just be true to yourself and to other people as well. You might think that you are like the most evil person ever, but trust me, no one can be more evil than the other one. We are all human. We are the same. That’s why we have friends and family and of course, God himself, so that we won’t break and messed up so easily. Just be true!

But yeah, I love this book. Highly recommended to everyone out there.

My rating: 5/5 stars

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