Review: The Death Cure (Maze Runner #3) by James Dashner

***spoilers alert***

1. Do I suggest anyone to read this?

Well, yes, to those who started the first book and continued the second book and think that the third book will never worth the reading. Actually, at first, I thought the third book will be full of craps but my curiosity is my biggest sin. I really want to understand WICKED so I struggled up to finish the third book. And I really think that the book is not much of disappointment and worth my time. 

2. Do the conflicts resolved? 

Yes. Hated to say this since the ending seems to be a bit confusing but yes, I think the conflicts is resolved with the memorandum written by Chancellor Paige. Obviously, there’s nothing much about her in the book but I guess James Dashner did a great job by placing two pages of memo written by Paige for the last two pages of each book. It tells us everything that we needed to know. 

So basically, WICKED failed to find a cure and Paige decided to go against the majority of the WICKED. Chancellor Paige used Thomas and his friends to bring the other Immunes to a safer place to save the civilization. 

3. Is the writing beautiful? Did it come with quotes?

Yes. I wrote them and made a special document for them. Will be published soon on my blog. This last book has the most beautiful scenes and quotes ever since it have all those heart-breaking moments of Newt being past Gone. 

4. Does the book are described in details? 

Yes, it is. But I really hope James Dashner described all the things he should have emphasized on instead of wasting his words on other unnecessary things. I would like to know what happened to Chancellor Paige and Jorge. I really do. I also want to know Teresa’s feelings towards Thomas. She seems to put her everything to save Thomas’s life and it is not fair that she died without having the chance to explain her feeling to Thomas. I also want to know what memories the other Gladers and the girls from Group B have gained. See. There are still a lot of mysteries left behind unrevealed. 

5. Do I understand the book as a whole?

There are a lot of places where I barely understand. I need to go through the sentence a few times and read loudly to imagine some of the places mentioned in the book. Especially, on the way out of the Maze. 
Sometimes, I don’t even get Thomas and what is so wrong with him. There are scenes where I can’t understand what he is trying to do or what the plan is all about. Whether it is just so complicated or I wasn’t paying much attention where I supposed to. 

But, as a whole, I do understand the plot and the conflicts. 

6. Does the book have a good pace?

Yes. I only took three days to finish the book and it is a page turner kind of book. It also has small chapters which make it easier for me to read it. I totally love the pace and the small chapters. It just keeps me going. 

7. Do the characters are memorable and relevant?

They are memorable. Especially, Thomas, Minho, Brenda and of course, Newt. I will remember Newt the most. They have different roles in the book. Thomas is the weird one. Minho is the strongest and shortest temper. Newt, very nice and calm. Brenda, the savior. 

But I really do think that some of the characters’ actions sometimes do not make much sense too. They tend to complicate simple things and I hate that. In this book, Thomas is a bit less selfish, but still, you can sense the selfishness in the air. 

8. Does it make me go on because I am so desperate to know the ending? 

Yes. It is. I really want to know what happen next so I was so desperate to reach every new chapter. 

9. Do I think about the book all the time I closed it?

I tend to think about it after I finish the book. You know, to refresh everything and make sure I understand everything that happened. 

10. Did I cry or gasp throughout the book?

I cried badly when Thomas killed Newt. It just, you know, heart-breaking. I think the whole scenes involving Newt, Minho and Thomas are trying to accept the fact that Newt is infected is my favorite scenes of the entire trilogy. There is when the feelings are more real than the others. You can sense the pain these shanks were going through. 

11. Is it my favorite?

It is a good book, however, it is not one of my favorite books. 

My rating: 3/5 stars

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