I can't mark the book since it belongs to my sister, so I copied them down here. To those who do not yet read The Death Cure, please go away. I don't want to spoil you. 

Pg 187

Newt:  I’m sorry, guys. I’m sorry. But I need you to listen to me. I’m getting worse by the hour and don’t have many sane ones left. Please leave.

(When Thomas opened his mouth to argue, Newt held up his hands.)

Newt:  No! No more talking from you. Just please. Please leave. I’m begging you. I’m begging you to do this one thing for me. As sincerely as I’ve ever asked for anything in my life, I want you to do this for me.

Pg 189 – 190

Newt: Now you guys leave. No more discussion. I’m sorry.

Minho: You’re going to shoot me? Old pal?

Newt: Go. I asked nicely. Now I’m telling. This is hard enough.

Minho: Newt, let’s go outside.

Newt: Go! Get out of here!

Pg 194

“Thomas had no idea how to respond, no way to express the sorrow that filled his chest. He sank down next to Minho on the ground and sat there without saying a word as the Berg rose higher and flew away from the Crank Palace.

Newt was gone.”

Pg 195

Minho: Why did he do that? Why wouldn’t he come back with us? Why would he point that weapon  at my face?

Thomas: He never would’ve pulled the trigger.

Pg 198

“Kill me. If you’ve been my friend, kill me.”

Thomas read it over and over, wishing the words would change. To think that his friend had been so scared that he’d had the foresight to write those words made him sick to his stomach. And he remembered how angry Newt have been at Thomas specifically when they’d found him in the bowling alley. He’d just wanted to avoid the inevitable fate of becoming a Crank.

And Thomas had failed him.

Pg 246

Brenda: Just don’t let yourself get killed. Well?

Thomas: You be careful, too.

(Brenda reached up and kissed him on the cheek.)

Brenda: That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard you say.

(She rolled her eyes again but smiled. And her smile made everything seem a little brighter to Thomas.)

Thomas: Make sure they don’t screw things up. Make sure all the plans make sense.

Brenda: I will. We’ll see you in a day or so.

Thomas: Okay.

Brenda: And I won’t get killed if you don’t.

(Thomas pulled her into one last hug.)

Thomas: Deal.

Pg 252

Newt suddenly twisted around and grabbed Thomas by the hand holding the gun. He yanked it towards himself, forcing it up until the end of the pistol was pressed against his own forehead. “Now make amends! Kill me before I become one of those cannibal monsters! Kill me! I trusted you with the note! No one else. Now do it!”

Thomas tried to pull his hand away, but Newt was too strong. “I can’t, Newt, I can’t.”

“Make amends! Repent for what you did!” The words tore out of him, his whole body trembling. Then his voice dropped to an urgent, harsh whisper. “Kill me, you shuck coward. Prove you can do the right thing. Put me out of my misery.”

The words horrified Thomas. “Newt, maybe we can –“

“Shut up! Just shut up! I trusted you! Now do it!”

“I can’t.”

“Do it.”

“I can’t.” 

How could Newt ask him to do something like this? How could he possibly kill one of his best friends?

“Kill me or I’ll kill you. Kill me. Do it!”


“Do it before I become one of them!”



And then Newt’s eyes cleared, as if he’d gained one last trembling gasp of sanity, and his voice softened. “Please, Tommy. Please.”

With his heart falling into a black abyss, Thomas pulled the trigger.

Pg 259

He jumped and landed in a soft spot – a fresh snowdrift. 
All the while, his insides were numb.

He’d killed Newt. 
He’d shot his own best friend in the head. 

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