33.2 Million Dollars for a Painting: Irrelevant

I am reading a book by the time I am writing this. You are probably reading this after I have done reading the book. The book (I don’t think I should mention the title or the author) told a story with arts (paintings) as a theme. Thus, it included a few famous old paintings, said to be painted by master painters called The Impressionists.

I really do think the book made a good job in providing me new information about arts. I know a bit about Impressionists now. I don’t want to explain what is The Impressionists here, so, if you want to know what they are, you can just google them, right? If you are able to read my blog here, surely you have no problem to use Google, ain’t ya? 

In the book, the main character sells paintings up to 33.2 million dollars. Isn’t that impressive? It was not a fictional creation only but based on a well-detailed research by the author.

But still, the main problem here is that I do not understand classic paintings at all. That’s it. 

The Bathers by Cezanne

Throughout the book, I have not at all convinced that classic paintings like The Bathers by Cezanne represent life and they are all valuable. This book mentioned about Degas and some of the Impressionist artists. I googled them and look out for the paintings mentioned in the book. I found them to be very unexplainable and unimpressive. I cannot see what lay behind their paintings.
The book mentioned about a painting of Berthe Morisot with a Veil.  

I went up and googled the painting to see the images. I imagined myself putting up such a painting in my study room and thought, how disturbing it is. Some people might say that I am not appreciative at all for the beauty of art.

I am Christopher Delaware. I do not know or comprehend how pieces of painting value so much.

My kind of favorite.

But I have nothing against other kind of artists, you know. I always amazed by good paintings for the fact I cannot draw anything at all. I am impressed with people who can draw faces precisely, animators, who create cartoons characters and even, comic illustrators, who draw comic characters to tell a story.

Through pictures, we tell stories. Animators and illustrators, they conjure stories to tell something to other people. Just like book authors. They write stories, to tell something. No one write something for nothing. Words are created so that we will be able to communicate. I believe so do arts; to communicate a message to whoever is looking.      
So, what used of the paintings that cannot be fathomed at all? And how can they be so exclusive and high in price, is a big question to me.

When the world vitally requires big hearts, I do not understand why a person should buy a painting that costs thousands or millions. Obviously, those paintings are for fame and a trophy for someone’s wealth. As if saying, “Look at me! I am rich enough to buy a piece of nothing with a million.”

Berthe Morisot in the Veil by Manet

To you who are reading,
There are people who sleep where they supposed not to.

There are people who are going through day by day, clawed by killing hunger.

There are people who suffer dread cold for they have no proper clothes to protect their fatless body.

There are people who are being murdered for no explainable reason at all.

There are people who do not have the opportunity to feel a bit of delight at all since their world has been dominated by pain and sufferings.


How can some other play with money and buy unworthy arts to display their wealth? How can we spend so much for a never lasting entertainment? How can we spend so much for nothing much?

I do not say that every and each of us should live a life of poverty or constant hunger. No. What I am trying to say here is that, we should stop living for fame and start living to give. Give, give and give. 

If you have extra money, you give away your extra money. If you have extra food, you give away your extra food. If you have extra clothes, you give away your extra clothes.

In this life, we might not be able to give everything, but surely, there is always something to give, right?

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