Thinking of Stopping


It has been awhile since my last post. Too much academic sessions going on and so do my uncontrollable reading habits. I barely have time to write anything since I have been so caught up reading others’ writings, which seems to be so good.

I used to be a dedicated blog writer. I update every day or at least, every week. But things changed. I’ve seen more writers emerge from this virtual world, using real and fake names. Facebook, Twitter and Blogspot have become a viral. Everyone writes nowadays. And, yes, they are very good. They have their own opinions and using a proper language as well. More and more people respect them and become affected by their writings.

Since then, new blog posts on this site become a rare matter.

Maybe, this is the other reason why I stopped from posting too much on this site.

Mat Luthfi once quoted,

“We should read more than we write.
We should listen more than we speak.”

If everyone wants to write, who will be the reader then?
If everyone wants to speak, who will be the listener then?

So, I decided to hold my words to myself. I try to read more, listen more.

But then, there is a friend of mine, trying to convince me to write again. She thought my love towards words is unspeakable, thus, I have no reasons to stop writing.



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One Response to Thinking of Stopping

fyumie said...

ada peluang tu tulis jelah mimi, don't stop. don't stop inspiring others. don't stop making people smile. don't stop the da'wah. Please? C:


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