Unspeakable Feeling

You know there are times when you find it hard for you to stop thinking about something.

I am totally in that phase right now. I feel bad. I feel super bad.

I am not sure of how to explain this feeling - this emptiness. The urge of crying is always there but no, no tears are coming out from my feelings.

I feel like screaming to the whole world.

Maybe because, I have started to give myself to someone else all again. I always did that and by the end, I will always get broken. It has been since forever, but I never learnt. Never learnt from the fact that no human can treat this sickness in me.

I thought reading books can help, but you know better. This emptiness doesn't allow my soul to feel free like I used to. It made feel useless, and no matter how hard I try not to think about this disease, I keep on giving pressure to myself.

I hope I can cry this emptiness out from my soul. I want to free my heart all again.

Maybe, it's time already, to let go of this pain. To let go of this rope that is holding me together. Maybe I should learn now, learn to walk on my own.

I want to feel loved. But human is human, they give me nothing but false hope only. By the end, they will all go away. I will be living in those dreams again. Those tearful dreams that's going to take me down all day long.

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One Response to Unspeakable Feeling

Anonymous said...

mimi, jgn rasa istilah "It's too late," sinonim dgn hidup kita.

a heart is in need to be improved every moment Allah give us the moment he made us realize the wrong things we did.

dari cela, lemah, kekurangan org lah kita akan kenal, sempurnanya Pencipta kita. Selamat mengenaliNya, mimi. Selamat. ^^

uhibbukifillah <3


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