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Review: If I Stay by Gayle Forman

Gayle Forman, the writer of 'If I Stay', 'Where She Went', 'Just One Day' and 'Just One Year'. 

After two of my friends suggest that I should read this book by Gayle Forman, I decided to pick up the book since the movie is coming out later in Malaysia so I don't want to be left behind.

Well, I realized two things. I shouldn't listen to both of my friends because they don't read what I like to read. Both of them get John Green's style, but not me. They love this kind of book which is less dramatic and more real, but for me, I prefer books with actions, dramas, intensities and all that. Yeah.. I got my lesson by now. I should ask what the book is about before I decide to read them.

However, I did not regret my read this time and the following is my review of 'If I Stay'. I will not provide you the summary, it is everywhere on the internet and I am not good at all to narrate a summary of a book. This book made it even harder.

Ok. Enough with all the stories. There you go, my opinion.

I don't have the physical book, actually. I borrowed the book from my friend, but mostly, I read it in my tablet and phone. I admit the beauty of the book. I do. 

Plot and Writing: 

Well, I think I just don't get the author's style. It has less impact on me. Just like John Greens'. It feels normal throughout the book, I didn't cry that much, although I cried at one part. The whole book is easy to understand. Gayle Forman keep on pushing between the past and the present, but she made it clear to us of what is happening.

Usually, I marked all the best quotes, but somehow, in this book, there are only two quotes that I truly love. But, the ending is strong. I like the ending. It's worth the reading.


Mia is great. I love how strong her character is. Mia is so normal, have normal family, normal passion, normal boyfriend, but of course, with an abnormal story. I like it that she is lovable by everyone else and fight for whatever she want. All her monologues is something that all of us can reflect on. She sounds like most of the people that I know which is cool. At least, we know that those kind of people really exist.

I know everyone loves Adam. He is a good fictional character, romantic, and all that, but I think, it is a bit off. I am not sure what Adam is lack of but to me, sure there is something since I'm not falling for him while everyone else is.

The characters, however, are a bit plain to me including Mia herself, maybe because I am just a bit dramatic so I need more dramatic characters in a book. I know I will not think or remember these characters as much as I did of the other fictional characters. Blame me for that, not the book, totally not the book's fault.

Isn't she pretty? I am absolutely going to the movie. 

Did the book made me go on because I was so desperate to know the ending? 

No. I am not desperate at all and I took a very long time to finish such a small book.

Did I think about the book all the time I closed it? 

Not at all. Maybe because the story itself is something that I don't believe in so I didn't think much about it.

Did I found the story is relatable?

No. This is maybe because of the music thingy that the characters like, I am not much of a music person so I have the slightest idea of what they are talking about. I cannot relate at all.

Did I cried and gasped throughout the book?

Yes. There was once where I was so touched by a scene in the book, it made my eyes blurry with tears that  have to take off my spectacles and wipe my tears before I continue. And when I heard Christine from Poland Banana Books talked about the movie, tears started to fall off all over again.

Is it my favorite? 

No, it is not. But yes, I will absolutely read the next book because I still want to know what happened to Mia after she woke up.

Will I go to the movie?

Sure. I will ask my reading buddy to go to the premiere later on with me. Usually, I will start to love the book after I watch the movie. I know it unusual but yeah, people are different.

Did I recommend this book to anyone in particular?
No. After the movie, maybe yes.

If you found 'The Fault in Our Stars' is cool, maybe you would like 'If I Stay' as well. Most people that I know that so much in love with TFIOS love 'If I Stay'. Maybe you too.

Happy reading, everyone!


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Unspeakable Feeling

You know there are times when you find it hard for you to stop thinking about something.

I am totally in that phase right now. I feel bad. I feel super bad.

I am not sure of how to explain this feeling - this emptiness. The urge of crying is always there but no, no tears are coming out from my feelings.

I feel like screaming to the whole world.

Maybe because, I have started to give myself to someone else all again. I always did that and by the end, I will always get broken. It has been since forever, but I never learnt. Never learnt from the fact that no human can treat this sickness in me.

I thought reading books can help, but you know better. This emptiness doesn't allow my soul to feel free like I used to. It made feel useless, and no matter how hard I try not to think about this disease, I keep on giving pressure to myself.

I hope I can cry this emptiness out from my soul. I want to free my heart all again.

Maybe, it's time already, to let go of this pain. To let go of this rope that is holding me together. Maybe I should learn now, learn to walk on my own.

I want to feel loved. But human is human, they give me nothing but false hope only. By the end, they will all go away. I will be living in those dreams again. Those tearful dreams that's going to take me down all day long.

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Favorite Authors of Mine

I wish I have a big bookshelf like this! T.T

Recently, I have been doing a lot of reading. Novels reading, of course. I read a lot of fiction this month. And yes, still adding some more into my list. I had read four books this month and now, I am on my fifth book. *yeay me* This is such a new accomplishment since usually, I only read 1 or 2 books for a month. I am not a fast reader so yeah, that's why I only read very few in a month.

However, I'm in a process of increasing my reading speed. It went very well so far. And I am so happy about it that I'm thinking of writing about two of my favorite authors.

This month, I have finished the latest Rainbow Rowell's book, Landline. I have seen the book in a bookstore, but I decided not to buy it because it will cost me a lot of money and I know, I could not afford a new book this month. But yes, the book is so pretty that I hope someone will buy me the real copy of Landline. Have you seen the cover, it is so pretty, right?

Isn't this book pretty enough to own? 

After I have done with the book, I watch Christine from PolandBananasBooks talked about the book. She was so excited (she is always excited, by the way). In her video, she mentioned about Rowell as one of her favorite authors. Cristine had read all of Rowell's books and she is so in love with Rowell. She even has a special ranking system to give a rank for the Rowell's four books.

It is kind of fun looking at her, describing each of Rowell's books. I mean, I read two of four Rowell's books, but still, I don't really get her writing, which made her as a good author for me but absolutely not one of my favorites.

Oh yeah. That's Christine. Just go to YouTube and search PolandBananaBooks, you will get to see her reviews and talks about books. 

For me, I need to read more than one book from the same author before I categorized him/her as my favorite. This is excluding the series. For example, if I read the Divergent series by Veronica Roth, I need to read others series of hers before I put her in my 'favorite authors' list.

I know some people think this categorization is a bit difficult and annoying, but yeah, in reading, I have my own rules. Just like the other things I am doing in my life.

I haven't read a lot of books from the same author usually. I always have different books from different authors because most of the authors publish their book for a wide range of time and most of the books take 2 to 3 years before they get popular among the readers. Most of the good authors prefer to write a series, which make it harder for me to categorize them as my favorite.

I read three books by Veronica Roth but since the books are all in a series, I couldn't categorize Roth as my favorite. I need something more so that I can evaluate the authors better. I can never evaluate an author just because of a series because his/her excellence might depend on the series plot, not the writing itself. I will be disappointing if I come across a novel written by 'one of my favorite authors' and it doesn't turn out as good as the series he/she has written previously. That's why I have rules for this.

Rainbow Rowell, author of Attachment, Eleanor and Park, Fangirl and Landline. 

So far, I have read only a few books from the same authors. There is a list below:

J.K. Rowling :
  • Harry Potter Series
  • The Casual Vacancy
Sarah Dessen :
  • Just Listen
  • Along for The Ride
  • Lock and Key
Rainbow Rowell :
  • Fangirl 
  • Landline

Rainbow Rowell might not be one of my favorites, but JK Rowling and Sarah Dessen are surely my favorites. After reading their books, I found both of the authors are different from each other which means, I have no idea what kind of author I truly like.

J.K. Rowling, famous with her Harry Potter Series. 

As for Rowling, I love her because she is capable of writing different genres. Harry Potter and Casual Vacancy are not equal at all. They are so different from each other, but still, the beauty is there. You can say how brilliant Rowling is in both books and yes, that's what made her as my favorite.

Sarah Dessen, a low profile author, but absolutely a lovely one. 

However, for Sarah Dessen, I love her books because I find them very relatable. Some of the readers that I know think that Sarah Dessen is quite boring because of the same pattern she used in all of her books. Dessen always use a girl and a boy and a big dilemma they are having as the center of her stories. I have read three books of her, and yes, they are all the same except that the couple has different attitudes and problems from the other couple from the other book. But, the way Dessen has created the characters made me fall in love with every and each of them, no matter how cliche their stories is going to be.

Maybe because I found the characters are all very real that I fall in love with Dessen. Her books are telling me that, 'all of us might have different lives, but we still a bit broken inside.'

As you can see, I love Dessen and Rowling for different reasons. And somehow, I can't even relate them to each other except that I love them a lot.

I am planning to read The Cuckoo's Calling and The Silkworm that Rowling wrote as Robert Galbraith in the future and finish the list of Sarah Dessen's as well.

 Let's pray I have time for that. I already have hundreds of books from different authors to finish before I get back to my favorite authors.

Have a good day, readers!! :)

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