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Today is my second day in INTEC and it is fabulous! Alhamdulillah..

Maybe because today is the day where there is a homecoming celebration and the award giving ceremony. A lot of seniors and juniors showed up today. It was awkward at first but eventually, it gets better. The seniors are incredibly friendly and the juniors, well, so far, I’ve got nothing to say yet. I don’t know much about them. But I know, they are going to be just fine like the others in INTEC.

So, regarding this award giving ceremony I attended today, there is something that I would like to share.
On one of the award receivers. He is a non-Muslim but still, he amazed me. I was in complete awe looking at him. Gorgeous? No. Cute? Possible. Genius? HE IS!!!!!! Awesome? HE IS!!!!!!

So, here is the story.

This guy, Nick (I made up the name, ok? I don’t even remember his name. Hehe..) is such a genius. He got an award because of his achievement in an international exam which is 99.6%! International exam, ok? This INTERNATIONAL thingy involved students from all over the world  still, he got one of the best!!! If someone is asking me about the other 0.4, who cares about the other 0.4? He is still the economic genius, anyway.

What amazed is his story that he happened to include in his speech.

Nick was suffering when he first got in INTEC. Every day comes with tears. He hates his roommates, classmates, housemates,  lecturers, buses, noises, foods and etc. To make it simple, his hatred INTEC just too much.

Then, one day, he thought, that no way things went so wrong around him. Things can go wrong but not EVERYTHING can go wrong. So, he thought, maybe it is not the INTEC, not anyone but he himself to be blamed.

Starting from there, he changed his way of accepting things. He learns how to love everything. Simply, EVERYTHING. The friends, lecturers, buses, foods and etc. He opened up his heart and accept everything that comes with their own flaws. I mean, come on guys, you can never expect your classmates all to be awesome and fabulous like it never exist.

He said that, just learn to enjoy everything. Everything, ok?

“If you ask me how do I study to excel in exams, it is just the same if you ask me who do I failed in my exams. I know that those are two different things but basically it's just the same to me. I can’t answer either of the questions.”

Well, there is a genius-talk there. It sounds great when he makes it into words like this.

Then, he told us the story of him and his friend who never achieve any good result. This friend of his is a very weak person in academic. He can’t excel just like the others, but then, he never gives up. He keeps on asking questions to Nick and asked Nick to teach him this and that.

And, by the end of their semester, the results were all out. And, of course, this Nick’s friend didn’t make it as much as Nick but Nick said,

“We both know that his result is actually beyond our expectation. I am so proud of him. I don’t think success means we have high achievement, but instead, succeed means how much we have improved ourselves.”

And, that’s it! I cried. No, I’m not sobbing or anything, but a silent tears rolled down my cheeks and make me realized that, this world is ain’t about being perfect but trying to improve. The one who stays the same, is just lame (except to those who are perfect enough which obviously, no one is).

That’s the concept. That’s the belief all of us should have as a Muslim.


This story of Nick made realized of a lot of things.

First, don’t blame others for what you’ve felt. Everyone decides their own happiness and no one can make us happy but ourselves.

Second, learn to accept things the way they are. We don’t have the power to control others’ brain, but we know we have the power to control ours.

Lastly, try to get out of the darkness, although you know it is too dark in there.

Allah has not given anything beyond our capability. Trust me. Trust yourself. Be strong, (put your name here).

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fyumie said...

it never matter where we start, but how we end our life.. moga sama2 husnulkhotimah. Amiin :D


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