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So we meet again, eh? Sorry for not updating for these couple of weeks. I got quite busy with my exam and now, I am kind of busy with packing up to move out of Seremban.

Ok.. As you see the header of my post today, I will talk about apps. The one you use on your smart phone or maybe your tablet. I don't really have many apps on my laptop, I only use the basic ones. Windows 8 should come with more apps but I don't think it is much helpful anyway. I've downloaded some of the so called cool apps but I totally get disappointed by  it. Those apps usually take a very long time to load and not user-friendly.

But the ones on my smart phone (iPhone 4) and tablet (Samsung Galaxy 10.0) are the best and the most helpful ones.

When you go to college, you barely have time to jot down everything on a piece of paper. For me, when I moved to college, it is a pleasure that the college let us use our phones. I mean, gadgets are the most helpful things if you know the correct way to use it.

So, here are some of my favorite apps that I use in college. I hope it is going to be super helpful for many of you guys out there. :)

  • Doc Scan

Well, I started to use this app when I got stuck in my Pre-Calculus class. I can't jot down everything while listening to the lecture at the same time. I am a slow learner, so I write everything slowly. This doesn't help me to understand the lectures. So, I decided to capture a picture of everything that are written on the whiteboard and print them out.

This app is totally useful. It will convert any of the pictures that you choose to a PDF format. From there, you can print out the picture into a PDF format.

Not just that, it can also open your attachments in any other apps.

Let's say that you have a PDF book to download from the Safari. Once you open the PDF book, you can see a bar at the top of the screen. There, you can choose to open your PDF book in Doc Scan. You also can save the PDF book there and re-open it whenever you want to read it.

You can also highlight and do some editing on the book through this app.


  • Adobe Reader

I downloaded this app a week ago. I have a PDF book (Raheeq Makhtum) to read. I used Doc Scan before this but I found it a little bit hard for me. I can't highlight properly and Doc Scan also doesn't come with a bookmark function. So, whenever I want to read Raheeq Makhtum, I need to scroll down all the pages before I found the right page where I had left before. 

This app is super cool for me. You can choose how to view the book's pages whether in continuous pages or just a single page. You can add your own comment, highlight properly, crossing, lines, texts and even your own signature on the page. Not just that, you can also send the document to your friends through emails and print it. 

Yeah.. Remember this one time, where we dropped our bookmark and forget the last page we read in a book? It happened to me all the time. So, the creator of this app had thought about it and provide a button where you can enter the word or text and search for it. Super cool! 

ZEDGE has been my favorite wallpaper app forever! It comes with the most outstanding wallpapers in a few categories. It depends on what phone you are using actually. If you are using a Samsung S4, it will provide you with the suitable wallpapers. Some of them might have Android or Samsung logo on it. If you are using a iPhone4, it will provide you with wallpapers that have iPhone4 mark on it. 

It also provides ringtones but it quite complicated for me so I decided not to use the ZEDGE's ringtones. But, my father (Samsung S4 user) has been using the ring tones. It is cool. It has also come with the best hits. If you are a Running Man fan, you might a little bit amazed by this app because it has Kwang Soo's soundtrack. There are few others Running Man soundtracks too. :) 

Okay.. So these are some of the apps that I use on my iPhone. There are some others too but they are all basic apps that everyone uses on their Smartphone so I don't think that there is no need for me to share more about it. 


I hope this post is going to be useful for all of you, whoever you are. :) 

Maximize the usage of your Smartphone ok? I found that most of the students don't really use their Smartphone except for games and social networks. Come on guys, there are much more interesting and beneficial things you can do with your smartphone other than games and socializing. 


May Allah bless.

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