The Way We Look at It


Maaf sebab dah lama sangat tak update. Tak tau nak update pasal apa. Seriously.

But yes, now, I've got something in my mind.

Yesterday, I was forced to make a decision on my own. This time, I have no support from anyone but myself. Since I've grown up to an 18 years old young lady, things a little bit messed up when I have to decide everything on my own. It got harder and even harder every time I have to face it. I don't know why decision making never got easier.

I've got two choices. One choice is much related to my parents. The other one is much related to myself, an incentive to be a better me.

It was so hard. Yet, I refused to ask anyone about it. Because I know, no one can help.

Things become harder when I even got a little conflict with someone. I felt so abandoned that I couldn't even think straight anymore. I was mad at this one person for ignoring me the whole day.

As for the result, I ended up ignoring all the WhatsApp text messages that I was supposed to reply and slept. It was early. 9.30 p.m.

But to think back about it now, I think I was making myself miserable back then.

The choices were nothing much. As long as I can cope with it, it wouldn't be that hard. But the thing is, I put my emotion as well while deciding.

"It is not the way it looks, but the way we look at it."


I was seeing a lot of distractions, a ton of hidden factors and thousands of loneliness. I thought that I was being alone in this and no one could understand me well. I blamed some people because of their way treating me. And bla bla bla...

I kept on seeing fault of the others rather than thinking of making a decision on my own.


But, when I woke up I made a decision. Alhamdulillah. And now, it's just the matter of time to tell the others.

The conclusion is, whenever you have to make a decision, clear your mind first. I know it will never be easy. But, if you ask from Him, He will help you through this, ok? Remember to clear up your mind first. Put your sadness, pains, loneliness feeling aside. If not, you will tend to think a lot more about other things instead of solving your own conflict.

Well, lastly, pray. May Allah ease us. :)

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One Response to The Way We Look at It

fyumie said...

cuba istikharah, mimi.. insya Allah tenang :D


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