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So, here I am, writing a post for my long-time-untouched-blog.. Alhamdulillah.. Still get the chance of writing..

I don't know why but I guess this blog is becoming more and more informative these days. Did I managed to provide you guys with infos? I mean, useful ones?

Today, I've decided to write something on what you guys should wear to your classes in the university or college.

Because, staying here, in college, I have seen a lot of people with the most suitable outfits and also, at the same time, I met people who basically wear the wrong outfit to the class. So, here is some guidelines and tips that you might want to use in order to ensure yourself to wear the right piece to your class. Oh yeah, this is only for the girls. :)

1) Keep it simple and sweet. 

Don't try to put too much in one time. Just grab something simple yet pretty. For example, you can just wear a casual jeans (which mean, a plain black or blue jeans) with a long sleeve blouse. And for your tudung, you simply can just wear a plain colored shawl, bawal or ariani. But for me, I guess, it is prettier for a student to wear a shawl or bawal. It suits the personality of a student better.

2) Don't wear excessive amount of accessories. 

Since you still hold the title of being a student, I don't think you should put all the necklaces, bracelets and rings at the same time. Again, keep it simple and sweet.
If you want to wear a bracelet, make sure that the bracelet doesn't have a bright or neon color because it will just add another color to your image, which is, not good. It is even better if you can match your bracelet with your outfit's color for that day. Black, blue-black, white, dark red, soft blue are examples of colors that might go on with any other colors of your outfits. So, yeah, make a good choice, ok?
For my opinion, a plain string with some charms or beads is always the best choice to keep it simple and sweet.
For the ring, you can have any patterns that you like but please, avoid a huge one. Again, keep it simple by choosing the right color. I guess, silvers make the best rings because they fit all colors in the world. Golden ring are pretty and sweet but if you have a huge one with a large diamond on it, I don't really suggest you to wear that kind of ring to the class. It is more to an exclusive occasion style. I've got a friend who wears a golden ring everyday to the class. It is a small and plain golden ring with some unobvious patterns. And, I guess, that's the best type of golden ring to wear to the class.

3) Don't wear more than three colors in one time. 

This is like the simplest thing ever! You can wear any colors that you like but make sure it is less than three colors. This is an example of how you should match the colors of your look that day, if you wear a blue baju kurung on that day, wear a black shoes, black hand socks and a lighter blue (than your baju kurung) for your tudung.

4) Wear a lighter or darker color for your tudung. 

Remember, you are going to a class and not a shopping mall to put on a green tudung together with a pink blouse. It is just so wrong.
Avoid neon and bright colors for your tudung, especially if you are wearing tudung bidang or wider shawls because it is going to ruin your looks. It will be too bright for anyone else in the class to handle.  
Me myself prefer a plain and light colors for my tudung bidang 60 and shawls. Usually, if I wear a pink blouse, I will look out for a lighter pink tudung to match my blouse.

4) Get to know the rules. 

Basically, the rules are most likely like these :
If you are wearing a plain shirt, match it with a tudung that have some prints on it.
If you are wearing a crowded shirt, match it with something plain.
Well, I've got a new rule here.
Since I'm a type of person who wears big tudungs, I have a lot of friends who wears the same thing as I am. So, I make some observations and I think, bright and neon colors are not suitable for tudung bidang 60 or wide shawls. As I mentioned before, it will be too bright for the class to handle. For the ones like me, just pick a fine color that is not too bright.

5) A t-shirt or a blouse? A jeans or a slack?

If you ask me the question, my answer would be a blouse and a slack. And well, Baba himself warns me not to wear a t-shirt to attend the classes because you gonna look much more professional if you put on a blouse and a slack to attend the classes. :)

Well, these are all the guidelines I can ever figure out for now.
These are the things that I learned from my parents and also, based on my own observations.

People might think that these kind of matters doesn't really important to be written down. Since that's is their opinion, I can say nothing about it. But being me the way I was trained since forever, my parents always said that what I wear is something that is going to influence the first impressions of the others towards me. So, what I wear all these years are very important because it reflects who you are and what type of person you are. Me myself believes that through my clothes, I can gain respects from the others and at the same time, make the people to feel much more comfortable to mingle around me.

Talk about dakwah, don't you think Prophet Muhammad pbuh also cares about what he wears? Have you ever thought how professional the Prophet looks? With all his white and clean jubahs, he most probably looks very professional, I think. :D

Just, take care of your image and also, the image of Islam itself.

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