Causes and Effects of Discrimination towards Women

Discrimination towards women are most likely related to sexism. Why? Sexism itself brings the meaning of the unfair treatment based on gender. Sexism always related to discrimination towards women because typically, women are the ones who are being treated unequally. Recently, starting in the 1900, several laws have been established to remedy gender discrimination by several states and federals. For example, in the United State, there is few organizations such as the Civil Rights Act and Equal Pay Act that promotes equality between genders. Yet, despite all these policies, discrimination towards women is still there and seems to be endless. Today, discrimination towards women is still a big issue across the globe. This is because of the history and perception of the society which result in underrepresented and exploitation.

The first major cause to be discussed is the history that we have back in those years when women’s roles and value were low graded by men. Previously in a thousand years ago, women’s roles are terminated to a housewife’s duty only. Women are responsible to give birth to the children and ran the household only. A woman’s place was only her house by that time. To be in politics or becoming a leader in any field was ineligible for them. No women were allowed to voice out their opinion as they were assumed as ‘unknowledgeable’ and only men were allowed to be heard. A woman’s value also was low graded by men in the history. Usually, men only valued women for two things back in those times. One of them is sex pleasure which makes a woman seem to be as a sex slave and the other one is being a baby machine that only give birth to the children but doesn’t own the children. That is how poor the value of a woman in the history. It might be differ based on the years and regions but basically, every civilization today undergoes the same period where women were low graded by the men. It is clear that women’s roles and value in the history a thousand years ago play a role in why women are discriminated today.

The other cause is the perception that most of us has today which include men’s personal views and favoritism towards them. As we all know, some men always fear of compromising their masculinity. And there are also some men who interpreted masculinity as to have power over women. Most men can’t really accept a woman who tends to be more powerful than they are. Men always have the idea that women somewhat need protection and should not be stronger than they are as it is their job to take care of their women. In can be a good thing but also a terribly bad thing when men can’t differentiate between being protective or oppressed. Not just that, some people, including women themselves also agree that men are more assertive and professional than women. Some employers, teachers and even parents choose over a male than a female as they think a man have more chances and qualities to bring success. Most of us just agree that women have the attitude of being highly sensitive and emotional that they cannot be rational when it comes to working. In short, personal views of men and favoritism towards them are some of the society’s perception that preside over women discrimination.

Meanwhile, as to the effects, underrepresented is one of them in which women are again provided by insufficient representation both in the media and in business. Believe it or not, quantity of women representatives in the media are less than men. Most of the artists, directors and even the crews are actually men. Lately, starting from 2010, observation by the Center for the Study of Women in Television & Film’s stated that the percentage of female TV’s characters have fallen and less women are taking the leading character compared to men. Another statistic made by the same center said that only 18% of behind-the-scenes film workforce are women. This situation applies to business course as well. It is proved to be true when Stanford Graduate School of Business made a clear statement that only 4.5% of the Fortune 500 industrial directorship are held by women. Realizing the truth, law professor Deborah L.  Rhode said that it will take up to 70 years for women to achieve parity on United States corporate boards. She added that even if a woman ever made herself to the board, she will be facing another challenge where their voice will not be heard. They will be considered as outsiders. This is what had happened in the history, where women are assumed to be ‘unknowledgableand did not even got the chance to prove their ability. So, it is obvious that one of the effects of women discrimination is that women are underrepresented in media and business field.

Women are also affected by discrimination where most of them are exploited in the media, again and also family planning. In the media, we can see how a woman is sold by the producer and bought by the viewers. There are a lot of advertisements showing that women presenting products using their body figure. In those advertisements, some women do make some attractive gestures where they tend to move sensitive parts or other than that, showing them off. Women believe that this is how they gain money to make a life but they do not realize the fact that the industry is taking advantage of them. While in some other places, some other women are being exploited by the policy of their country in family planning. As for instance, in China, women are not allowed to have more than a baby or else the family have to pay more taxes. In contrary to some other countries where women can’t or does not wish to have a baby but still, they are forced to give birth or else the husbands will leave them. Obviously, these women have no choice but to follow everything. Again, women nowadays are actually being exploited by many parties in the media and family planning as well.  

All in all, women nowadays are enduring the effects of sexist situations where they are exploited and underrepresented because of the perception and history of women. Unconsciously, women are being used in the media and countries’ policies. Women are also represented inadequately in many fields. This is basically caused by the perception that men are better than women. Simultaneously, women are also discriminated back in a thousand years ago and this eventually becomes a tradition up until now. Those situations that women are having today will never a change until our perception is moved. Yes, it is admitted that women have some weakness that men doesn’t but that doesn’t mean that women deserved to be discriminated. Women are special creatures created by God. They are worth of respects and honors.  

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