Selfish People with Rational Reasons (English Essay for SPM)


OK.. Saya tahu saya tak adalah pandai sangat dalam buat esei English. The previous one seems to be ridiculous but I will not remove it from my blog, just in case, you guys need a lame essay to study. 

Esei yang dekat bawah ni saya buat untuk assignment saya. Topik yang saya terima adalah 'Reasons Why The People Become More Selfish'. Jadi, selepas menyiapkan esei ni, saya rasa ia mungkin berguna untuk sesiapa yang memerlukannya. To those yang ambil SPM, this essay might can help. 

Harap-harapnya some of you dapatlah benefit sikit dari esei ni. :) 

Oh yeah.. Saya letakkan gambar for each paragraph (just for some deco). Sebab, taknak korang boring masa esei ni. :D


Selfish often heard as a negative word. Most of us believe that happiness starts from being selfless. But no one actually can prove that we can succeed without being one. Mark Zuckerberg himself said that if he has not being selfish, he will not be where he is now. People become more selfish not because they are such a malevolent but, they realize that they have their own life, ambitions and too much things to be worried about.

Everyone have their own life to live on, which mean, they responsible for their own success in career and happiness. Each of us has different jobs and careers to carry on and we are the only one who can drive our career into a success. Then, who else know about what we want to do or what we want to be more than ourselves. Selfless person thought it is fine to be miserable or upset in order to keep everyone else happy. But, logically, why would you be miserable sacrificing for people that does not love you or willing to sacrifice for you while you can actually make things different for yourself? People starts to understand that they have their own life, they are the one who need to work on for their own victories and joyfulness and that is when people becoming slightly selfish.

Most of the people who turn into a selfish person are mostly ambitious and they aim for a higher place in the society and they believe that they have to meet their own targets to make an accomplishment. People see that it is compulsory to be a little bit selfish, give a force to whoever that seems to be a stumbling block in order to get to a higher place. It is because, if we don’t push ourselves together with everyone else, we might never move to a higher place. An ambitious person will always compare their work with their peers and emulate the success of their heroes in order to achieve their goals. These kind of people put faith in their hard works and do almost everything to achieve their goal that sometimes, misunderstood by others as a selfish action. Selfish-ambitious persons planned for a higher place and few new records for themselves but only few of them make use of the others.

Dilemmas, complications, conflicts are too much to be worried of by an individual and these issues have a high possibility to lead the individual to become less focus and unsatisfied. Most people believe that by worrying, it will form harmful emotions which will distract them from making a clear decision. Thus, in order to make a right choice for the future, one must be a little selfish to keep them on the right track. Selfless people often consider others’ opinion that sometimes does not met him or her self-satisfaction just because they did not want to be labeled as a selfish person. By doing this, they actually have drove themselves to be unsatisfied with their own work. People become more selfish, not because they choose to be but they know, to succeed they should not be troubled by too much things or else, they will be distracted and unfulfilled.

The world should change their perception about being selfish because by now, people realized that we are the one who runs for our life, we have lot of dreams and it is such a waste to doubt too much about others. Becoming selfless, means we order ourselves to concern about almost everything which made ourselves becoming more disturbed and unsatisfied. We have lot of dreams that require hard works to be at the top and to meet our goals. Last but not least, people become more selfish because they have their own life with different careers and different form of happiness. But, all of these are not negative things to be done by a person who care about their purposes of life. The world should not accuse people who take all these responsibilities as a selfish in a bad impression while they are the one who are making the world go round. Selfishness is the key to be happy and success at the same time.


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