20 CENTS: Was A Big Issue


This post is regarding to my class discussion just now. The issue of gas price that rises by 20 cents. I decided to write this in my blog since I couldn’t speak it out in my class. I didn’t say a word about it because I was just too emotional and there was just a lot of others’ opinion that seems to be far away better that mine. The lecturer was nice and she would let me speak if I want to but it was me. I was the one who choose not to talk about the issue.

I want to say this generally. Not because I am a PEMBANGKANG or ANTI-KERAJAAN or something.

Some of the people thought, “It was just 20 cents. If you guys can afford to buy pretty gadgets then, you guys should not say a word about this issue.”

There are people, who taught, “We should be grateful that our government is just so nice to give everything to us, education, subsidies and etc.”

If I mentioned this issue to Baba, he would probably just said, “20 cents only. We can afford it BY NOW.”

Highlighted phrases: “BY NOW”.

I am grateful that government doesn’t rises the price up to RM2 or something. It costs only 20 cents. I am grateful!

But, if you asked me about this years ago, I might said ONLY BAD things about it.

I wasn’t rise up in a rich family. I used to be a poor girl when I was in the primary school. Baba didn’t have any proper job by that time. Mama had to ‘buat nasi lemak’ and some ‘kuih’ to support our family. Adik went to the hospital for two weeks. I need to pay for my registration fees to the school, monthly school fees, tuition fees, textbooks…

I could hardly breathe by that time. It was deplorable.

People looked at us as if we have the money but the truth is, we didn’t even have a comfy life by that time.

 And, the 20 cents rise in every liter of gas petrol is a BIG MATTER.

Whenever there is an announcement about this issue in the TV, I could hear Mama nagged and sighed about it. She drive to ‘hantar’ all those ‘nasik’ and ‘kuih’ few times a day. She needs to pick me and Adik from school. She needs to send me to my tuition classes, as well as Adik. In a day, she might went out about 8-10 times.

Since we were not that ‘rich’ by that time, 20 cents matters.

Mama only get about 20 cents for each ‘kuih’ by that time. When the gas price rose up, the price of the ‘kuih’ should be increased by few cents as well as the price of the ingredients rose up too. But, when the price of those ‘kuih’ increased, the customers will choose not to buy those ‘kuih’.

So, by time, Mama get less and less profit from her business. The price of the ‘kuih’ just stay the same but the fund had increased.

It was hard.

To those people, who taught that we should be grateful enough, I guess, YOU should be grateful enough that you doesn’t have to suffer like me (before) or the others who live in that kind of world. If you know how hard it is to suffer for the rise of ONLY 20 CENTS, you might wouldn’t say the same.

We must, be GRATEFUL.

But just think about the others.

How can they be GRATEFUL?

This is just my opinion, based on my own experience.

I hope you guys can see things in a different point of view by now.



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