Nano White Skin Care Products (Omega Day Shield and Cell Moist Whitener)

Assalamualaikum everyone.. :)

Selamat Hari Raya.. Walaupun dah terlambat.. Hehe.. :D

Ok.. Hari ni, saya terasa nak buat review tentang satu produk penjagaan kulit wajah yang saya dah guna selama tiga minggu ni.

Walaupun terasa pelik bila buat review produk sebab sebelum ni tak pernah buat, saya rasa, ada baiknya jugak kalau saya buat review pasal benda ni. Just to those who might need some help in finding the right skin care product. :)

And yes..everything happens if Allah wills it. I am just suggesting you guys based on my experience. :)

On the first week before Raya, I purchased the Nano White Skin Care products. After a while not changing anything of my skin care products, I decided to try Nano White as my skin gets better after I tried the Omega Day Shield for my sunscreen.

My previous sunscreen, Biore Perfect Milk seems to irritate my skin as loads of things came up to my face after using it. So I stop using it and give it to Adik, who found the product quite good with her skin.

So, today, I would like to tell you guys whether the products work on me or not. :D

The trial set.
First of all, if you guys are up to try this product, I think it is better for you to purchase the trial set first. Some products are just good for the others but some just not. I heard loads of disappointments from the customers but still I guess, Nano White works well with my skin.

This pack lasts for almost more than two weeks. You can purchase two set of this once so that you an use it for the whole month. The regular set consists of big-packed products which can lasts for almost a year, for me. So I won't recommend the big-packed size item if you are just about to try it.

The trial set costs only RM16 (less than that, I think). The price is quite cheap this time. I bought it on a promotion in Watsons. I was thinking about buying the facial wash but to see this trial set on the rack, I gave myself a chance to try the whole set itself. Mama always said that a product will work much better with its own set.

But this is the skin color one, mine is just a regular almost invisible white cream.

This first product I tried was the Omega Day Shield. With SPF 50++.. To those who doesn't really wear the sunscreen, please watch this video and I hope it can change your mind. :)

It just sunscreen la.. Kalau pakai pun tak nampak sangat dekat muka.. So, its ok la. Bukannya pakai mekap tebal pun.

Omega Day Shield just improved my skin better. It protects my skin from UV, of course, what else the sunscreen for? Hehe..

Ok.. The product claims that it can help minimize stubborn pigmentation. I guess, it works. Tak banyak pun, sikit je but at least, it does what it say. Most of my scars seems to be faded away from my face.

My skin easily gets clogged and produce some whiteheads on my cheeks and some on my forehead while I was using the Biore sunscreen. But when I use this one, I can say that there is no new whitehead anymore. So does not clog pores. :) #Alhamdulillah

I used this product whenever I am going out in the day. I get dark easily and of course, it is an uncomfortable thing for me to go outside without any sunscreen on.

But, the thing is, this product claims to have a noticeable result in just 3 days. And what can I say about it is, it just doesn't happen in my case. Maybe my skin is way too dark that the product can't work well in just three days but anyway, after 3 weeks (instead of 3 days, I can see my skin is improving).

Let's  move to another product of this set.

It is the Cell Moist Whitenor. The moisturizer. I have been looking for a new brand of moisturizer to rid away my old Hazeline moisturizer (which again, irritates my skin). It just not that good with my skin, maybe. Whiteheads keep coming out and the sunscreen doesn't give much help so I stop from using those old creepy products of mine.

But this is a good product. I have been using it for three weeks and it doesn't annoy my skin. It is a watery structure product and it feels so good when you apply it on your face. It gives me a moist skin after I apply it on my face. It will not leave you with an oily skin. Well, at least not for me when I used it in a correct proportion which means, I only spread a thin layer of it on my skin.

I have tried to spread a bit thick layer of it on my face and it sticks. When I woke up from my sleep, my face feels very sticky.

I used it twice everyday, once in the morning before I go out from the house with the Omega Day Shield and once in the night before I go to sleep. I always look my face in the mirror after I woke up from my sleep and I found my face gets prettier everyday. Hehe.. :D

If you asking for any whitening affect, sorry, this product doesn't have that. But Mama said that my skin gets a little blushing effect after using this product. "Muka Kakak nampak pink la hari ni." Although I am not using any blusher on my cheeks. :)

It doesn't cause any breakouts too. :)

Ok.. That's it for now. I have other things to do. I might continue my review on another post later on. :)
Again, I repeat, things happen if Allah wills it. And this is just one of the ikhtiar to take a better care of your skin. It is nothing wrong with taking care of you facial skin, instead, it even improves your self-esteem.

I met a lot of people who doesn't care about their face at all. They never apply anything on their face before go out from the house. They just let their face gets burn under the sunlight. They don't even care to moisturize or wash their face regularly.

And they end up to put on loads of make-up to cover their flaws. It is better if we take a good care of our facial skin starting from now on so that, later, it will not cause us bigger problems and we will never need tons of make-up item to cover up everything on our face.

Trust me.. I have been there, being the one who never cares about the skin care. I end up to be darker and my facial skin gets worst. Pimples and whiteheads almost everywhere. The scars are even more disappointing. Huhu..

So I am in the process to heal my skin and I hope you guys will join me soon..

May Allah ease you, guys.. :) 

Oh yeah.. Don't forget to pray for our brothers and sisters in Egypt. And may the truth wins. :) 

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4 Responses to Nano White Skin Care Products (Omega Day Shield and Cell Moist Whitener)

Anonymous said...

kalau ada jerawat dekat muka? boleh hilang ke pakai product ni

Anonymous said...

memang x oily ke moisturizer dia?
sbb moisturizer clinelle mmg oily dgn kulit muka sy.
sunblock harga brape?

Mimi Jazman said...

dalam masa beberapa hari, i.Allah hilang.. tapi takes time sikit la..

alhamdulillah tak oily pun.. tapi sunscreen tu kena pakai dengan compavt powder supaya tak nampak berminyak.. sunblock dy hrga lebih kurang dalam RM24 kot..

Anonymous said...

Thanks for da review.. Help a lot ;)


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