English Essay for SPM : By Working On It


I had been weeks since my last update. #pergh!

I will not brag about how busy I was for the last few weeks and so on. I am here because I would like to write an essay for the SPM candidates. I had write an essay before which is the one I used in my SPM. Since that, there are lot of SPM candidates asked me to copy my essay for their homework, assignment and even for their revision.

#Alhamdulillah At least, the essay helps few of you out there. :)

This story here is a little bit mixed up of Kang Gary's (Leessang, a rap artist) and Michelle Phan's (professional make-up artist, maybe).

By Working On It

"Welcome to The Twin House Cafe, Miss. If you wish to meet the owner, for now, she is not around," the waitress uttered amiably. I was a little bit perplexed. Realizing what was happening, I smirked at this long-legged 18 years old waitress. She was wearing coral for her lips and peach for her blush. The colors were perfectly match.

I paced into the sunny colored coffee house, my favorite color. The same color I used when it comes to my make-up. The incident with the perfect look waitress made me realized how small I was. Almost the same happened to me a couple weeks ago.

"Can I see The Twin?" requested a young man to me in this warm coffee house. The question awed me for a moment. Just like the one had happened between me and the waitress.

The Twin is the name for a pop duo consists of two females, Hae Jin and Hyo Joo. Hae Jin is the vocalist while Hyo Joo is the rapper. A little bit difference between these two sisters was Hae Jin is the one who always look very stunning while Hyo Joo is just an intermediate person with no much lovely things about her. Even the long-leg waitress looks so much prettier than Hyo Joo.

I sat on my daily seat and table. The waitress came to me and dropped a cup of cafe au lait in front of me lightly just the way I asked her to. She curved an attentive smile with a welcoming look in her eyes. I nodded at her and took out my new Macbook Air. The air in the coffee house was filled with The Twin's songs.

Once I turn on my laptop, the screen displayed The Twin's wallpaper with both of the singers smiling ear to ear. I observed the wallpaper, no matter how similar The Twin look alike, everyone can see the obvious difference between both of them. One must be looking more alluring than the other one.

"Here is the bill, you can pay at the counter later," the long-leg waitress came up to me with the bill while I was browsing for some beauty tips. I gave her a plain look, raising one of my eyebrows.

"What are you doing?" Hae Jin emerged from nowhere with her bouncy blowout hair. She have a light warm color for her shade.

"I am giving her the bill, Miss," the waitress answered with a fearful tone in her voice.

Hae Jin delicate hand give a slap on the waitress' unblemished face. Automatically, my hand covered my mouth from making any sound. I glared around. Luckily, the nearest customer was the man with a cap and headphone on. No one was paying attention to us since my table was a little bit to the edge of the coffee house.

"She is Hyo Joo! How can you asked her to pay for her drink in her OWN coffee house?" my sister's voice was low but sincerely in forced tone. Her eyes glared at the waitress hatefully.

"I am sorry, Miss. I was wrong. I am new here, working part time. I have no chance to meet Miss Hyo Joo yet," surprising me, the waitress answered, trying to defense herself - although, it did not making any sense at all!

"Insane is the word and you are fired," Hae Jin pointed at the back of the coffee house, indirectly, asked her to take off the uniform and walk away from the coffee house.

I said nothing at all. Maybe I was a little bit wicked or feeling revengeful towards this girl who works in my coffee house without knowing me at the first place. Or maybe, I was envying her for her gorgeous look, just the way I felt towards Hae Jin sometimes. But as much as Hae Jin, this lovely looking waitress seems to be innocent, pure and lovable that I couldn't hate her in a long term.

"Do you have Sophie's number?" I asked Maria, one of the trainee in The Twin House Cafe, a week later.

She nodded and without any reluctance, write me down Sophie's number on an empty paper.

"Miss, I think it will be very nice of you if you can give her job back. She did not unrecognized you on purpose. She just 18 and really need a job to help her sick little sister. I bet she have no time to turn on the TV or radio or even read a magazine to get to know you," Maria told me, hopefully. Maybe she was hoping for me to give Sophie's her job back since I asked for her phone number.

"I won't give her the job back," I murmured to myself as I walked away from Maria.

"Yes, Miss Hyo Joo. I am so sorry about the incident earlier. Maybe I was too careless about my employer. I learnt the lesson. I am so sorry," she stated sorrowfully. Her eyes stared down to the table as if she was looking at her foot beneath the table.

Today, she was having tan color for her cheek and lighter for her eyes. Again, it was perfectly matched!

"Do you really need a job?" I asked her, wondering. The idea in my brain was just too excited to jump out.

"Yes, Miss."

"Can you be my personal beauty adviser?" and that was when her carrier started.

After a couple of years being my personal beauty adviser and succeed on regaining my confidence with a healthier facial skin, prettier make-ups and gorgeous looks, Sophie's hidden talent made me hired her as my personal makeup artist. Now, Sophie is working to build her name in the industry by creating her own beauty products with my co-operation. By two years to go, Sophie and I will have a brand on our own.

"You know, things can really work when you start working on it," Hae Jin whispered to my ear as we climbed the stage to take our trophy for The Special Twin Award.

Now, here I am, telling you a story how a waitress like Sophie turn into a professional make-up artist and a rap artist like me can turn into a businesswoman by working on it.

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Matthew Wan said...

Wow! This story is so...... I'm out of words. Seriously, how do you do this?

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