Sleeping Routine. Just be Prepared!


Let's us discuss this thing.

Seriously! Don't get panic. #ehee

I met up with few peoples who are easily get influenced by what people have been saying.

I give you, an example,

When I listen to my seniors's experiences doing her assignments, "Kitorang semua tidur lewat. Pukul 3 atau pukul 4 baru tidur. Kadang-kadang tak tidur langsung." 

And I just listened to them.

As for me, when you're busy, of course you won't sleep. I have my own experience with that. Studying Add Maths till 4 am for the next day SPM examination. Finishing my club works till morning. I guess, that is normal.

But there are some people who get influenced by the senior's experiences and started to be panic. #ohno!

"OH NO! I'm not used to it."

"Really? I thought this semester will be fun."

"I heard that before."

Then, one of my friend mentioned this, "Well, actually, it depends." 

Yeah! I do agree with her.

I know people who managed to be excellent students with lot of sleeps.
I know some of the best students that lack of sleeps.
I know straight As students with good sleeping routine.

People are just so different in their own way.

Why are you worried? Especially for the unexpected things?
Doesn't you have to get ready to face them instead of being worry for no reasons?

Baba told me that he is the one who need good sleeping routine to ensure his brain works at the maximum rate for the next day. But,of course, sometimes, he does stay up late in the night to study few things. #hehe

The thing is, you must know how to managed your time. Study earlier. Avoid procrastinations. Understand every material you have been studying in the class so that you will not have to study those materials for few hours just to understand them on your own.

Then, you will know what is the exact time to go to your bed.

Just get yourself managed. And leave it to Allah. #InshaaAllah You will use all the seconds given to the maximum usage. #hehe

It just from my point of view, you see.

I used to be the one who lack of sleeps. I spent my year the worst with this kind lack of sleeps routine.
I used to be the one who have good sleeping routine. I slept at 12 and woke up at 6, and the year have been absolutely AWESOME for me.

Then, I guess, I should just learn how to manage my time, use every free moments that I have and try to get back for my good sleeping routine. Or else, I will be miserable to the end of this semester.

May Allah ease me, and you too. #inshaaAllah
He is the ONE who listens, rite?

Cool then. See you soon. :)

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