My New House in INTEC


So, here I am. Writing from my little apartment in the Akasia Residential College. Yes.. In an apartment. In this small cute little apartment, there are two rooms, a small bathroom, a balcony and a big living room.

Big? It is. Bolehla.. Muat je empat orang duduk dalam rumah ni dengan selesanya. :) #ehee #thankful

The first day had passed and it was absolutely awesome! :D #Alhamdulillah
So did the next days. Awesome! #iamrepeatingwords

Let's start with a tour of my cute little apartment.

My first step into this house was escorted by a delightful feeling. I was so exited that at last, I can further my study. For the bonus point of my delightful feeling is the furniture in this house. It is PINK! Beds, chairs, floor, lockers, racks. All of them are paint in PINK color. #doublelike
It is pink everywhere. Beautiful kan? #iknow

The room is quiet nice. A room will be shared with two. So, for me, I share my room with Husna. For a room, my room and same goes to everyone, we have a two single beds, with a pillow, two lockers and two drawers. The mattress is fine. The locker is quiet huge and satisfying for me. The drawer is a double-decker. Alert, with no doors or anything to cover it up but that should be just fine.

The only problem is the pillow. Keras sikit. But, never mind. Everything has their own bad qualities. Anyway, the MYDIN is just a few steps away from the college so you can just buy a new pillow for yourself there. You can just spare the hard pillow for something else. Maybe to lay your legs on it or maybe hug it when you are sleeping.

For the bathroom, it is cool. Unless, you are shortage of water right after 11.30 pm until 4 am. But, you can always have your bath before 11.30 pm and after 4 am. See? It is not a big problem pun.

The living room has its own couch. Pretty, isn't it? Not ONE but TWO..! :D #Alhamdulillah
There, you will see four study tables with a chair for each table. You can choose which position you like the most - after you discuss it with your housemates, for sure. Yeah.. In the living room too, you will have your own polystyrene board to tap your family pictures, motivations, sayings, quotes or even prayers on it.

Did I ever mention about the electric sockets?
You will have lot of them. About ten sockets, I guess. I miscount it actually. #hehe

You are provided with a shoes rack and a big whiteboard too. Cool, rite?

I mean, I don't even have a whiteboard or a polystyrene board in my bedroom. So, it is nice to have one here. For the whiteboard, you might can write your house's duty rooster or maybe, some important message or announcements.

While for your laundry, you can just send your unwashed clothes to the dobby. Else, if you do your own laundry, you can just hang them on the penyangkut baju provided. Besar dan cepat kering jugak. :)

So far, how do you see INTEC?


It is, for me! I am dearly thankful to Allah for this really big gift, #alhamdulillah .

Trust me, this is just a beginning. 

I still have a lot more to type here but yeah, this post is already long enough. I guess, I should just type those other things in some other time. #inshaaAllah .

I will try but no promise, ok..?

One thing I would like to say here,

"The WORLD is what you see. And what you see is the WORLD!"   

Do you get it?

Anyway, may Allah ease everything for you. May He increase your faith on Him, too! :)


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4 Responses to My New House in INTEC

Hawa Faqihah said...

wahh...bestnyaa!!Btw,good luck study,k sis ;)

Mimi Jazman said...

Hawa Faqihah ...

hehe.. in shaa Allah.. :)

Anonymous said...

You need to improve your English language. (Just saying) Good luck.

Mimi Jazman said...

Anon ...

Opps.. Sorry.. I am just bad in grammar. Anyway, thanks for the advice.. I will try to shaa Allah.. :)


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