Birthday Celebration with Iron Man 3


Semalam, saya keluar bersama keluarga saya. Mama, Baba dan Adik tentunya. It was a beautiful memory. It was Mama's birthday. We went out to Aeon quiet early in the morning, after breakfast (which I made by myself for the family). :)

One of the best thing you can do for the family is to cook for them. It might be not as good your mother's but at least, you give them something from your heart, isn't it? Just don't forget to cook with love and recite Al-Fatihah few times - it provides additional nutrition magically.. :)

Mama and Baba went to the Jackel while me and Adik, just hang out like other girls did. Oh yes.. Since Baba and Mama were not around by that time, Adik decided to enter Ellianto Store, just as usual. Then, we came into a conversation, talking about what to buy for Mama as a birthday present.

As we were entering the Ellianto Store, my eye caught some nice and affordable things to  buy as a birthday present for Mama. After walking a few rounds in the store, from one rack to another, from hand lotion to whole body lotion, back to the cleanser, and all way round to perfumes and body mist, Adik and me agreed to take a small bottle of perfume as Mama's birthday present. we could afford for such a nice present. :)

When buying a present to any of your family member, remember that the price is not a measurement on how much you love your family. Simple things as books or even a cute and cheap bracelet also can create the good feeling of receiving things. Your parents won't expect you to give them a house or a car and not even any expensive things, all they need is for you to show some appreciation. :) That's all. Allah loves those who cherishes their parents. :)

Why don't you give a try? :)

Then, after the birthday-present-buying session, Adik and I walked into the Watsons. Yes.. Those are types of store we went to. Cosmetics and health stores. Ekeke..

When two of us, just began to be bored, Baba text(ed) me and told that they were waiting in the food court. So, we both went there, bought some food and had our lunch in Aeon's Food Court. There, after finishing the food, Adik and I decided to give Mama, her birthday present we had bought from Ellianto.

At first, Adik pretended to buy the present with a high price although after we get 35% discount. Ekeke.. Me, who couldn't stand the play, told Mama the real price of the present and of course, Adik started to be mad at me. Ekeke..

What else can I do? I couldn't lie that much. :D

After that, all of us went to mosque, after showing Mama the XperiaZ that she had been wanted to see for a long time before. We performed our Zohor prayer and get ready for our 3D show in the cinema - Iron Man 3.


Well, I could say that, I don't really like the film.


Actually, I did enjoy all the actions and spontaneous jokes by the handsome old man, Tony Stark. I really did. The character never change after all. Hehe..

I never agree with the ending of the Iron Man 3. I thought it was ridiculous and wasting my time.

How could Tony Stark bombed all his hard works just to satisfy his girlfriend? I mean, a bunch of can robots are really useful for their country defense or maybe, for other countries'!

Earlier, he had done something ridiculous by damaging his robots, that's what I thought.

Then, when Adik started to explain all again, which involving Iron Man and Iron Man 2, that I never really watch before, I started to understand. I might didn't understand what Tony Stark had done and his feeling because I never get to know him both in the previous films.

So, I am now looking forward to watch the previous Iron Man films before making any conclusion. I really hardly want to make a conclusion for the film, because, that is something I used to do everytime I watched a film.

I did my own review for every movies, films and drama I had watched before. :)

That's how you should watch a film, ladies and gentlemen. :D

Back to the Iron Man 3 film, when discussing it with Adik, Adik suddenly came out with this sentence :

"Yala. Dia dah lama tak boleh tidur dengan nyenyak sebab benda-benda tu semua." 

Dah lama tak boleh tidur nyenyak sebab benda-benda tu semua. 

I guess, I should be the one who understand that more than anyone else.



In shaa Allah..I will continue to write about sleep thingy next time.

I guess, this entry is long enough for you to read, so, that's all for now.

:) Love your family and cherish them, ok? It won't be hard.

Oh yes... May Allah please be with you. :)

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