Untuk Kita Pendosa


Recently, I had been crazy with the books. Yes.. I had a few books to be finished until SPM result come out. Hopefully, it will be nice. In shaa Allah.. J Allah knows what's best for me.

Life had been real challenging so far. Difficult to endure everything just by watching television and update blogs, Facebook and Instagram. I had done a lot of ‘things’ to gain back my strength. So far, it wasn’t bad at all. J

That day, I had opened LangitIlahi.com, as usual. At the top of the website was the promotion for a very SPECIAL book I never met before. Or maybe,  Allah didn’t let me to meet those kind of books yet before.
But now, HE does. J

So, I thought of finding the book at the bookstore. But, when I saw the promotion, I thought, I can’t wait any longer. It must be hard to find such a book written by ‘him’ at the bookstore.  Recently, my friends had bought me a book written by ‘him’, which is the last one left on one of the shelves in MPH, AEON, S2. So, I thought, ‘his’ books had become bestsellers, it must be hard for me to find them in the bookstore.

After a very long thought and deep one, I decided to buy it online. Well.. It wasn’t something new to some of you who are reading this, but somehow, it is for me. I never buy anything online. It was Adik, who is very INTO online shopping since her make-up tools are hardly found in the pharmacies and malls.

I had watched her do the business. Quite easy so I decided to try on my own. Alhamdulillah.. Everything went very well.

Oh yes.. You must really want to know what is the ‘book’ and who is ‘he’, the writer.


By Hilal Asyraf!

Hilal Asyraf is my favorite author this season. So far, I had been in love with Hlovate’s and Bahruddin Bekri’s but now, after reading LangitIlahi.com and ‘Sebelum Aku Bernikah’, Hilal Asyraf take the place of the previous authors. J

Some of my friends thought, he was only an ordinary writer. Yet, not to me since I take him as one of my role-model in this passionate writing interest of mine. Hilal Asyraf writes good thing, beneficial ones, you know? Alhamdulillah.. May Allah bless him.

Hilal Asyraf had driven me into this madness of reading and writing both at the same time. He wasn’t just a writer. He writes for the purpose, he wants to be pleased by Allah. He wishes that Allah will love him for his writings and he wished by doing this, he can change the ummah, which seems to be soooo difficult. He needs to do a lot of things. The way he presents his idea is the best. It is clear and simple. It was easy for me to understand and never get bored at all so far.


I never hope to see him now. But I really do hope to see him in the future, when, you know, when I am also a good author as much as he is. J

May Allah grant my prayers and let me writings become so beneficial to all. J

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2 Responses to Untuk Kita Pendosa

Anonymous said...

Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah MJ.

Barakallahufiik atas niat dan usaha MJ untuk menulis kerana ALLAH. Semoga ALLAH memberi MJ petunjukNYA untuk MJ dan membantu MJ dalam semua urusan.

Harapan sentiasa ada.. They are beautiful words that describe the unconditional and unlimited love of ALLAH towards us, HIS servants : ). ALLAH is surely Ar Rahman and Ar Rahim.

Mimi Jazman said...

Anonymous ...

Ameen.. Semoga Allah beri kekuatan untuk menulis keranaNya..

:) Surely HE does.. baru perasan quote tu.. 'HARAPAN SELALU ADA'.. :) they are beautiful..


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