Let's Read!


Alhamdulillah.. I had been given another chance to write here after a few days of being busy with my family and the books. J

As well mentioned before, I was being overwhelmed by the books and yesterday, I had myself attending the last day of Pameran Buku 1 Malaysia.

It was nice, really. Books are everywhere. J I didn’t even feel tired of walking through the throng.
But, badly, I didn’t buy any of the books. Adik and Baba did the shopping very well. 

I thought, there are just too many books in my waiting list that locked me up from doing anything else than reading. I found it was hard to push myself to the laptop to update my blog recently since I found reading books are getting even better. J

Baba had bought three books which two of them are just so unbelievable to be read. Not to both of my parents. But Adik and I thought the two books are just GREAT. They are ‘Ratib 1000 Syair’ and some sort of hikayat Melayu that I can’t really remember the title.

Ratib 1000 Syair’ seems to be something vital for youths nowadays for me. While Adik thought the hikayat Melayu brings much more vitality to the youths so that they will be able to understand the sacrifices of the older people. History is much more important than only love stories and novels.

Ratib 1000 Syair’ is incredible. There are about thousand of poems written by various famous poets that I barely know. However, I was thinking to finish the thousand poems. People don’t really read them nowadays. Maybe the world is getting more modern, so they thought, there is no need to read poems and such. Hm.. Well, I guess, we should have a try, right?

Even Mat Luthfi, the Malaysian famous vlogger reads poems from Indonesia, why can’t we have try? I mean, poems, syair, pantun and other type of traditional arts had been a real assistant on the revolution earlier. Our independence today was achieved by the help of poems that write out the ideas of being free from the colonizer. Poems mention a lot of friendship, love, peace, tranquility, independence, freedom and others valuable value that we, as a human and even Muslims should take in our daily life apart from the Al-Quran, the As-Sunnah and other important books.

Come on.. Let’s have a try and look forward to read more poems. May Allah shows us what lies beyond them. J

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3 Responses to Let's Read!

Anonymous said...

Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah MJ. Benar kata kata MJ tu. Minat membaca sesuatu yang sangat baik. Semoga ALLAH memberikan petunjukNYA untuk kita supaya dapat sentiasa membaca. Harap MJ dapat membiasakan diri untuk banyak membaca, khususnya masa cuti ni. (Nasihat ini untuk saya juga.. In shaa ALLAH mesti nak biasakan membaca)

Bagi saya sendiri, saya suka membaca buku fakta seperti buku teks, rujukan dan lain lain yang serupa. Pendapat saya sendiri, bila baca buku macam tu, saya tak jadi emosional, seperti bila baca buku cerita. Saya lemah sikit nak kawal emosi. Kena perbaiki lagi, in shaa ALLAH : ).

Kesimpulannya, bahan bacaan kita sebenarnya ada turut menggambarkan diri kita : ). Wallahua'lam.

Mimi Jazman said...

Anonymous ...

Ya.. Baru saya perasan ada banyak sangat buku tak terbaca di rumah ni.. :D

Oh ya.. Pasal tu.. Saya agak setuju.. Bahan bacaan kita akan menggambarkan apa yang ada dalam fikiran kita..

Saya dulu suka baca novel cinta.. Effectnya sgt teruk.. Dan sy sndiri dh tak rela lg diperkotak-katikkn oleh buku2 tu.. hehe.. :d

Aminn.. May Allah bless us.. :)

Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum MJ. In shaa ALLAH. In shaa ALLAH saya pun akan berusaha juga untuk membaca. saya rasa ada satu tips kita boleh buat. Kita cuba set masa, nak baca buku, atau artikel, atau nota dalam berapa minit setiap hari. Ataupun kita nak habiskan baca satu topik tu dalam masa berapa minit setiap hari, in shaa ALLAH

Tentang diperkotak katikkan buku cinta, saya rasa saya sendiri pun sama. Sesetengah individu, mereka mampu mengawal emosi, berfikir rasional dan mengambil pengajaran walaupun daripada novel cinta. Macam saya sendiri, saya lemah bab tu.. Jadi kena elak bahan bacaan macam tu.

Malah MJ, bukan bahan bacaan saja. Cerita tv, atau lagu cinta pun affect juga. Hm..

Wallahua'lam. Pendapat MJ sendiri macam mana? : )


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