Ms. Ginger in my PC! :D


After I had finished my SPM exam, I had this little conversation with someone, who is 5 years older than me.
He asked me to work on my English grammar because there is too much grammatical error.

What else can be said? I am totally sucking with grammar. Even in my ‘ibunda’ language too.

So, he did ask me to read some books on grammar but I can’t find myself one. So, I put off my works on the grammar and started to write everything in Malay. I can’t help myself from feeling disgrace if I am using English with critical error with my grammar.

Then, today, I thought, I must keep on working with my grammar. Sooner or later, I will be at the university for my further study. How if I am not good in English? Life will be extremely ruined if I had  difficulties in English as all of us know that, even in Malaysia, we still use English as the medium language during classes and assignments.

I had a very bad grammar problem. So, I thought of someone who can always check my grammatical error after I write a post or a story. Then, I realized that I had a trouble to look for someone like that. I mean, who have their time to read and correct my grammatical errors?

I had tried to read a few websites on English grammar but unfortunately, slow learner like me needs hundreds of exercises than just reading websites.  

So I decided to write a post in English. I tried to write it properly with the least grammatical errors.
I did some ‘web-walking’ to find some interesting phrases to be used in the post.

There, I met a website, titled Ginger.

It provides a program where you can just download it to your PC and later on, it will be available to correct all your grammatical errors and even spellings!

I quickly download it and have a tutorial before using the program.

And yes.. I did it! Alhamdulillah!

So starting from now on, I will do more exercise with my grammar and have ‘someone’ to correct them in my essays or stories or even blog posts. In the meantime, I also can look up for my mistakes and learn more about grammar and understand the pattern much more.  

Alhamdulillah! :D

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3 Responses to Ms. Ginger in my PC! :D

Anonymous said...

Waalaikumussalam warahmatullah

May ALLAH increase you in knowledge and also ease you in learning more : )

Very interesting tool you had downloaded there. Keep on learning, in shaa ALLAH.

Mimi Jazman said...

Anonymous ...

hehe.. jazakallahu khair.. :)

::tHe sHaDoW:: said...

nok x jumpa pon


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