I Won't Give Up

It was a pretty beautiful night. The moon shined so bright. I looked up to the shining stars while Jason Mraz was singing ‘I Won’t Give Up’ through my iPod.

I still remember that night, when my younger sister, Adik, came into my room after coming back home from her tuition class. I was in my bed by that time as I was really tired for not sleeping for the whole night before.

I was facing the warm wall while my eyes were closed. Adik waddled towards my bed and  joined me on my bed and I let her do as she wishes. I know she was feeling quite gloomy as I wasn’t about to sleep with her.

I knew that she was texting someone or maybe tweeting something

By all of the sudden, her arm gets around my waist and she put her face on my back. I could feel her tears that warmly wet my backside of the shirt.

I gave her a warm clap on her fingers. I turned around so that I can see her. She was crying. I swept her tears and asked her why she was crying.

She shook her head. I know she wouldn’t mean to cry and might never tell me anything. So, I let her be while I gave her a warm hug so she wouldn’t feel alone..

While actually, deep inside, I was feeling to cry too. There are thousand of things to be thought  of and I had no one to talk with. Everything suddenly felt like a big burden had been placed on my chest. I couldn’t even think rationally.

But then, I reminded myself not to pity myself above Adik’s. She needed me more than anything, I should be stronger for her.

Then, I kept on repeating, “It’s ok. Allah is with us and will always be.”

Once again, I wept her tears.

Suddenly, Mummy called Adik and asked her to leave my bedroom and sleep in hers. She went there and I could her happy voice beyond the wall that separates our bedrooms.

This morning, I woke up. I grabbed my phone and I saw a text message. It was from Adik. She said, “Good night, kakak. Take care. Sweet dream. Love you.” She even added a kiss emoticon by the end of her text message.

“May Allah takes care of you, Adik,” I weep my own tears. This song reminds me to her so much. For how much I had stood beside her although I was about to collapse. No matter what, I won’t give up. In shaa Allah..

[+] Anyway.. this is just a story I created on my own.. Hehe.. :D 

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