First Time Cooking


While writing this, I am listening to my iPod shuffle, a gift from Baba. In shaa Allah, I will try my best to use this little thing for  something rewarding.

Now, my iPod is playing the latest song I added into the playlist. All these songs remind me of strength and perseverance.

Last night was one of the toughest night ever! Too many tears ran down my cheeks.

“How could you still remember a person who barely tells you that she cares about you?”

Still.. I can’t even find the answer for myself.

Since last night was a nightmare, I could not sleep in tranquility. There was a creepy, freaky voice echoed in my head, telling me how can I be so selfish to that person. I found it very hard to sleep. When the clock pointed almost at two-thirty, somehow, I made my way out of the depression.

This morning, when my sister woke me up, I was uneasily left my bed to perform Subuh prayer. And even after that, I could not even reach my Al-Quran and read it as usual. I fall asleep with my head on the bed while the other parts of my body were on the floor. 

When I woke up, a very loving voice sounded in me and remind me to cook for my sister as she had asked it a day before. I knew what to cook. Then, even it was so hard to wake up and face the reality, I made I did it.

And, luckily, this time, Mama didn’t even interrupt my chores and only helped when I asked her to help me with the tossing and salts. Later on, I created my very own dessert for my sister.

And yes! Mama said it.. “Sedapnya.....”


Alhamdulillah, then.. J

Hidup memang susah. 
Sangat susah.
Kadang-kadang, bila dah tidur, tak rasa nak bangun pun.
Tapi, selagi mana Allah bagi kesempatan bernafas, kita tetap harus cuba kan?

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7 Responses to First Time Cooking

Bidadari Besi said...

nampak sedap. nak sikit. heehe :)
be strong and stay smile :)

Mimi Jazman said...

Bidadari Besi ...

all praises to ALLAH..then.. :)

farhan said...

makanan yg dlm gmbr ke yg MJ buat??

Mimi Jazman said...

farhan ...

ya.. mak cik sy gelarkan benda tu ulat-ulatan.. it does look that way, isnt it?? :)

muhd farhan said...

ohh...mcm sdap jer..haha

Mimi Jazman said...

muhd farhan ...

hehe.. moga Allah izinkan saya memasak lagi lepas ni.. :D

muhd farhan said...



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