This post is really really much more about me than anything else. I write it here so that I can recall the memories in the future. 

Mama is always a good cook although she is not an expert but yeah.. Everything she cooks are just so delectable! I never eat anything as much as I eat her cookings.

Then, here is my problem. I am such a cooking observer or might be.. just an assistant to the real chef, Mama. 

Just now, I had watched a movie I had recorded earlier while Mama was busy cooking in the kitchen. As usual, I let Mama keep busy with her cooks. 

When the movie had ended, I joined Mama in the kitchen. 

Mama : Bila nak belajar masak ni?

Me : Mama, kak nak sidai kain. 

Mama : Orang tak suruh sidai kain, orang suruh belajar masak. 

Me : Ala.... 

Mama : Esok kalau pi belajar jauh-jauh nak makan pa? Makan batu?

Me : Beli buah banyak-banyak boh dalam peti ais. Nak makan, potong. Ha-ha! 


I had tried a few times to cook. But at the end of the session, Mama will just finish my cooking with her style. Huh.. When I tried to learn, Mama will say something like I had been in the kitchen for years. 

Cooking is really not my thing. I can clean the house, mop the floor, sweep the floor, clean and fold the clothes.. But surely, I can't cook! I'm not good with a knife, not good in how to cut vegetables, not good with salt and sugar. 

Huh.. But somehow.. I still need to try.. 

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