In Reply to Syazwina..

Smile when you are in pain,
For a smile can make your lighter.
Smile even if someone hurts your feeling,
For a smile can win heart over.
Smile when you adore someone very much,
For a smile can reflect your love.
Smile even when you are depressed,
For a smile can give a healing touch.
Smile if you are not beautiful enough,
For a smile can enhance your beauty.
Smile with all your heart,
Since it costs nothing but gives everything.
For a smile can win your enemies.
If it ever happens that some people
is too tired to give you a smile,
why not you leave one of yours.

From : Syazwina Najwa. 

In reply : 

For the tears that we share together. 
For me, 
My love to you is not the happiness you share with me, 
But the tears we shared together.

ALLAH knows what lies in our heart.. 
If you don't mind, I would like to have some of your pain on my shoulder. 
If that can help. 

May Allah help you.. 

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