When a pencil can be find..and not a friendship..
Pensil boleh dicari..tapi bukan persahabatan..

To my dear..who gave me this pencil just because I like it hers.. I thought she had bunch of it at her home.. Then..she said, "Sorry,I only have that one."

Owh.. Ok.. I dont really mind..

But then..you said, "Take it as my present to you."

Hm.. I refused..then you sent me that sentence..
Subhanallah.. I hope this FEELINGS OF RAHMAH stays here..between us..till forever..
Jazakillahu khairan..

[+] mungkin boleh jd pemangkin semangat untuk dapatkan A+ dalam Add Maths macam orang yang bagi pensel ni.. ^^

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2 Responses to

muhd farhan said...

smoga berjaya mimi..:)

Mimi Jazman said...

muhd farhan ...


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