Now..I am imagining myself..

When my beautiful classmates are being busy for uploading their pics into the websites..
I am the one who is looking up to this big black PC I am using..
Within a smile..I kept all the pictures of myself in an unknown folder..
Hoping that one day..those pictures will be lost on their owns..

Well yes!!
Those pictures had been attacked by some viruses and all of it was damaged to somewhere (deep me..I like it to happened)..

Once..I was a girl who like it make-ups and dress-ups..
Shame on me..

I just like to have a picture of myself..
Everywhere and anywhere..

Time comes and goes..
Now..I am just a different girl..
From love it NO WAY make-ups!!
From enjoy it YUCKS dress ups!!

I can't stand within make-ups on my face..
I don't wanna feel like plastics are pasted on my face..

I can't stand within overloads dress-ups on my body..
I don't wanna feel like a plastic superstar dreamin' of false dreams..

Now..I am imagining myself..
Sitting all alone..
On a wooden bench with beautiful scenery surrounds me..
And sing with me..

The beautiful rhythm of ayat-ayat cinta from HIM..the ONE who guides this path I never discover before..


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