She Needs...

That was a night

When she became totally horrified by all the things she had done before the moon came out 
She was shivering and decided to call me up
Then..glad..I was there..

When I arrived at her place
And she came and hug me in the first place
A terrible tears rolled down her pale cheeks
So am I

Then..I took her home..
To give her the warm she never had at others.. 

Mum told me.."She needs you more than she know she is."

And I nodded..
She need me..all the time..and of course..I know that.. her..
Make her close to you..
She needs You..actually.. 

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4 Responses to She Needs...

muhd farhan said...

.... :)

Mimi Jazman said...

muhd farhan ...

gadisBunga said...

tell her. she might not realize it.

Mimi Jazman said...

gadisBunga ...
hmm.. btul jgak tu.. :)


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