When I put my headphone on...


Kenangan lama sekiranya kembali diungkap..pasti hati kembali untuk merasa tidak tenang lagi..

It is me..somehow..

Sejujurnya..tak tahu nak tulis apa..

Tapi..nak jugak tulis sesuatu..

And..when I put my headphone on..please understand that I hate to hear any words from you anymore.. 

No..there is no way I can hate you.. 

Just..your words might darkened my heart with dosa and sumpah-seranah.. so..let me stand with my music.. 

By the way..I am listening to nasheeds for all the time.. So..please.. Don't mad with me..ok?? 

Because..to be honest..I have a lot of things to be mad with you.. 

[+] sesi luah perasaan?? oh no..!! MJ tidak luahkan perasaan di sini.. Just..MJ sangat suka menulis sesuatu yang MJ nampak secara fizikal..dan translatekan dia menjadi sesuatu yang lain.. Hehehe.. Enjoy reading..!! :)


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