May ALLAH bless you..Dear..

You are shining me without realising how much you meant to me.. 
We might jump into some misunderstandings sometimes..
I might hit you in the face when you are being so rude..
You might hit me on my head when I am being so rude.. 

The Malays might say that we are like "langit dan bumi"..
The English might say that we are like "cat and dog"..
Our parents used to say that we are "loving sisters"..

You really didn't know how much I care..
You really didn't realise how much I love..

It is whenever you go to school..
And saying that you will be late for only 10 minutes..
My heart and my brain can't even stop thinking.. 
"Is she goin' to be ok?" 

Then..I leave it to Allah..
To take care of you.. 

You are someone who when you are not around..
I will feel unsound.. 
You are someone who when you are around..
I will feel sounded.. 

I just want you to be safe..
Whenever or where ever you are.. 

I know I can't take care of you for the rest of my life..
Although I wish to do so.. 

So..I leave it to Allah..
He knows..because He is the Al-Alim..

And also because.. 
Katakanlah! Kami sekali-kali tidak akan ditimpa musibat,kecuali apa yang telah ditakdirkan Allah kepada kami ; dan orang-orang yang beriman hendaklah bertawakal sepenuhnya kepada Allah. 
[At-Taubah 9:51]

Now..may you know how much you meant for me..
You shines me..
You are an award..a gift..
From my LORD..Allah swt..

originally by MimiJazman
1035 12122011

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6 Responses to May ALLAH bless you..Dear..

gadisBunga said...

you love her so much dont you? :)

lucky her. :)

♪♫_i'm miSs sTeRe0_♪♫ said...

s0 sheeWwitt... :)

budak baikk!~ said...

adik Mj ke nih? ;D

Mimi Jazman said...

gadisBunga ... air dicencang xkn putus.. hehehe.. i love her with my every single breath.. she means a lot to me..

♪♫_i'm miSs sTeRe0_♪♫ ... of course la.. :)

budak baikk!~ ... ye.. comel ak?? hehehe.. :D

budak baikk!~ said...

comel2.. cm MJ gak...;D

Mimi Jazman said...

budak baikk!~ all praises goes to HIM..the only one.. :)


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