The End is Here

Someone told me that I'm going to regret my decision. Maybe I will. But, after years of writing and observing, I realized that the time has come for me to stop.


I'm tired. I'm tired of writing. Tired of telling people how I feel. Tired of my own expectations. Tired of the stuffs I have to deal with when writing down my feelings.

Writing my feelings down always have somehow made me feel a bit light-headed but no, I don't think I can do this anymore. I have changed so much these past few years. My thinking pattern, my style, my beliefs and so much of me have changed.

Writing here now made me feel like the old me, or at least, made me feel like I have to commit to my old self. I'm so much different now, just so different than what I used to be.

And, I don't even know whether it's a good thing or the otherwise. I always over think of what people will think of me. I care about my image in front of others. I just care, but I'm tired of caring.

So, I'm putting a stop, right here, right now.

Maybe those days where I dreamt to be an author doesn't seem relevant anymore today.

Allah bless.

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